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How far is California from Vancover?

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You can make the border in about 600 miles. San Diego is another 800 miles south.

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How far is bellingham to vancover?

about 120 miles or so

How far away is the US from vancover?

about 30 min. from WA

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Virginia Beach, VirginiaVancover, WashingtonVisalia, CaliforniaVallejo, CaliforniaVictorville, California

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The distance between Vancover and the equator is 5482 km or 3407 miles.

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How far is it from California to Texas?

How far is it from California to Texas?

How many road miles is it between Vancover Canada to Alberta Canada?

From Vancover, British Columbia to Lake Louise, Alberta is about 490 miles. (Keep in mind that Vancover is a city, and Alberta is a province).

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About 1050 kilometers ( 6oo miles ). It takes about ten to twelve hours to drive from one to the other in good weather.

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First you got some bad grammar. It's how far is California from Venezuela? Not How far if California from venezuela. You retard. Also it depends what part of California and what part of Venezuela.

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