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Q: How far is Delaware from Bern ville PA?
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How far is it from New Bern NC to Philadelphia PA?

It is 428.37 miles according to MapQuest.

Which state is farther east Pennsylvania?

The majority of Pa's eastern border is against New Jersey (across the Delaware River.) In the far northeast of PA it borders with New York state. In the far southeast it have a short border with Delaware.

How far is the Dover Delaware in a straight line from Philadelphia PA?

It is 75 miles.

How far is it from Delaware to Pennsylvania?

it took me about a couple hours so .. but it depend where in PA or DE you are :)

What is the halfway point between New Bern NC and Glenshaw PA?

Fredericksburg VA

Where do you buy kerosene in Delaware county?

what gas stations sell kerosene in Delaware County Pa.

What county is Philadelphia PA?

Delaware County

Why is Springton Reservoir in Delaware County PA closed to fishing?

"Security and Liability" - Aqua PA

What state shares a semicircular border with PA?


What county is Glen Mills PA?

It is in Delaware County.

Is Interstate 80 toll-free in NJ and PA?

At present, the only toll on I-80 in NJ and PA is the Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge across the state line between them. However, the state of Pennsylvania has (so far unsuccessfully) tried to change all of I-80 in PA into a toll road.

What river forms the border between the states PA and NJ and eventually Flows into the Delaware bay?

The Delaware river

Was Delaware originally part of Pennsylvania?

Was delware apart of pa.

What is the population of Delaware County PA?

According to, the 2007 population estimate for Delaware County, Pennsylvania is 554,399.

What is the halfway point between Delaware and Michigan?

Mount Air, PA.

How many miles between Wilmington Delaware and Philadelphia PA?


Where did Julia Child get married?

Lumberville, PA, near the Delaware River

How far is altoona pa from Harrisburg pa?

132 miles

What PA county is closest to the Hudson valley NY?

Pike county, is the county which joins NJ/NY/PA on the Delaware river.

Where is the Glen Foerd On The Delaware in Philadelphia Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Glen Foerd On The Delaware is: 5001 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Where is the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation in Philadelphia Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation is: , Philadelphia, PA 19106-1403

Where is the Delaware Valley Historical in Horsham Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Delaware Valley Historical is: Po Box 747, Horsham, PA 19044

How far is long island from Walnutport Pa?

how far is Long Island ,NY from Walnutport, Pa.

How many counties border the Delaware River?

The Delaware River is bordered by 25 counties across five states. The river flows 419 miles through New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.The counties are:Schoharie County NY (West Branch)Delaware County NYSullivan County NYOrange County NYWayne County PAPike County PAMonroe County PANorthhampton County PABucks County PAPhiladelphia County PADelaware County PASussex County NJWarren County NJHunterdon County NJMercer County NJBurlington County NJCamden County NJGlocester County NJSalem County NJCumberland County NJ (Delaware Bay)Cape May County NJ (Delaware Bay)New Castle County DEDover County DE (Delaware Bay)Sussex County DE (Delaware Bay)

How long is a flight from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas?

Pittsburgh, PA (PIT) to Las Vegas, NV (LAS) Shortest Flight Duration 4 hours 30 mins