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How far is EL Salvador from the US?

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Ruben Zamora is the Ambassador to the US for El Salvador.

No... as far as i know. i don't think they do celebrate Thanksgiving in El Salvador.

how far is panama city, panama from san salvador, el salvador

in el salvador worth 2.00355 :)

The average income in El Salvador is US$ 400.00.

US helped El Salvador AFTER the war was over to reconstruct and rebuild their economy. USA forgave all debt of El Salvador in 1993. USA and El Salvador have both helped Israel. Today El Salvador has thousands of troops in Iraq. Also El Salvador is exporting annualy aproxametly 10 billion dollars of products

A marriage that is valid and documented in El Salvador would be valid in the US.

USA wanted to help El Salvador because they were poor and needed help

The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador

The capital and largest city in El Salvador is San Salvador.

The monetary unit of El Salvador is the US dollar, the same as in the United States. El Salvador adopted the US dollar in 2001, after having the colón as the national currency since 1892.

the population is 6,950,000According to the US Census Bureau, the population of El Salvador isas of July 2007.

The US Dollar is the currency of El Salvador.

No. its a democracy like US.

Just a valid US Passport. No visa is need to enter El Salvador for US Citizens for pleasure purposes.

Central El Salvador Mission - 28,743 East El Salvador Conference - 52,347 Metropolitan El Salvador Conference - 36,338 Paracentral El Salvador Mission - 36,576

No. El Salvador is a country.

El Salvador is a Republic.

There is not a Hollister in El Salvador.

San Salvador is the largest city in El Salvador.

The capitol of the country of El Salvador is San Salvador.

San Salvador is the capital and largest city of El Salvador.

San Salvador El Salvador Temple was created in 2011.

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