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Edinburgh airport is about a 15 minute drive from the city centre. There are shuttles buses and taxis available to transport you. As of 2014, there is also a tram service available. These depart every 10 minutes.

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Edinburgh airport lies around 8 miles to the west of the city centre. There is a very frequent shuttle bus that goes from the airport straight into the centre of town that takes about 25 minutes.

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How far is Edinburgh Airport to Glasgow City Centre?

40.3 miles

How far is Edinburgh airport to Edinburgh city?

About eight miles

How far is Edinburgh airport from the center of Edinburgh?

Edinburgh airport lies about 12 km (8 miles) to the south of Edinburgh City Centre. The journey time is about 25 minutes by car -- and during rush hours, around 40 minutes (if you're unlucky).

How far is Edinburgh city centre to Edinburgh new town?

About 5 minutes walk.

How far is Loch Lomond from Edinburgh city center?

distance between edinburgh city centre and loch lomond

How far is Logan airport from Boston city centre?

It is about 2.5 miles from the city centre

How far is the Reus airport from the city?

Reus Airport is approximately 4 Km from the Reus city centre

How far is Brisbane airport from the city centre?

51km to be precise

How far is the Bangkok airport from the city?

Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok ) is approximately 12 Km from the Bangkok city centre

How far is Cairns airport from the City Centre?

Approximately 10 kms

How far is luton airport from london city centre?

about 35 miles

How far is Toronto airport to city centre?

5 minute walk ;)

How far is Chicago OHare airport to Chicago city center?

It is about 12 miles from city centre.

How do you travel from Edinburgh city to Glasgow airport?

You could get a train to Glasgow and from there, get a shuttle bus to Glasgow Airport, which is quite close to the city.ANS 2 - Actually the quickest way by far is to simply drive from Edinburgh to Glasgow Airport along the M8 -about an hour.

How far is it from Manchester airport to Manchester city centre?

7 miles 7 miles

How far is Edinburgh airport from Glasgow airport?

48.5 miles via the M8

How far is Edinburgh from Glasgow airport?

About 55 miles.

How far is London stanstead airport from London city centre?

Approximately 30 miles by road.

How far is Granada city centre from Granada airport?

Granada City Center is 20 km from the Granada Airport. Granada Airport mainly handles flights to Madrid and Barcelona. The Granada Airport was opened in 1972.

How Far is the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport from the City Centre Abuja and how do you get there from the airport?

About 25 miles. There are rental cars, taxis, limos, buses and trains.

How far is Copenhagen airport to Copenhagen city centre?

14,73 km, Cirka 14 Min. by car

How far is it from Munich airport to Munich city centre?

When travelling by train, it will take you approximately 40 minutes.

How far from manchester airport to city centre?

Approximately 9 miles, which is about a 20-30 minute drive.

How far is the Hilton from Edinburgh airport?

The Caledonian Edinburgh Hilton Hotel is 7.4 miles away from the Edinburgh airport. This route takes approximately 17 minutes to traverse at normal driving speeds.

How far from leeds center to leeds Bradford airport?

11 miles. The airport is well serviced by buses running to the City Centre at regular intervals.