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Driving Distance is 792 miles or 1275 kilometers!


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The Grand Canyon is 81 miles, 130 kilometres away form Grand Canyon.

how far is it from little rock, ar to the grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. There is approximately 169 miles between Las Vegas, Nevada and the Grand Canyon.

The entirety of the Grand Canyon is in Arizona. The Grand Canyon begins in the northeast at Marble Canyon not far from the Arizona/Utah border. In the west, the Grand Canyon ends just before Lake Mead on the Arizona/Nevada border.

The Grand Canyon at its deepest point is over a mile at 6000 feet.

The Grand canyon is not considered a desert. However, it is not far from the Colorado Plateau Desert to the northeast.

The Grand Canyon is about 260 miles from Phoenix. The drive is about five hours; but it's well worth it!

I assumed you meant Grand Canyon National Park so that would be about 245 miles.

It is 6.3 miles south of the South Rim of the Canyon.

Taking 160-W from Durango it would take you about 5 hours to get to the Grand Canyon by driving.

In some locations the Canyon floor is 6,000 feet.

The call it the grand canyon because it is a canyon that is grand.

It was named the Grand Canyon because it is truly grand.

It is 1380 miles from Calgary to the Grand Canyon It takes around 21 Hours to drive it.

Because that is where the Colorado River is, and those two Amigos are never far apart since the Grand Canyon began.

No. The Grand Canyon is way too far inland to get a tsunami.

The distance form the Grand Canyon in Arizona to Grand Haven, Michigan, is about 1900 miles, or 28 hours, traveling on I-40 and I-44, or I-80, or I-40.

No state is in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is in Northwestern Arizona.

You can go right to the bottom of it.

It would be no less then 4 miles.

2 hours at least with no traffic.

gummy bears are sticking at the bottom

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