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Phoenix to Las Vegas is about 290 miles (465 km).

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4 hours

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Q: How far is Las Vegas from Phoenix?
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How far is it from Las Vegas to Phoenix Arizona?

It is 285 miles.

How far is Phoenix AZ from Las Vegas Nevada?

It is 285.57 miles according to MapQuest.

How long is the flight from Phoenix Arizona to Las Vegas Nevada?

From Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada is about 31 minutes

Is the grand canyon closer to Las Vegas or Phoenix?

Phoenix is closer to Las Vegas by 53 miles according to Google Maps.

In road miles how far is Las Vegas from Alaska?

how far is alaska to las vegas?

How far is Las Vegas NV from Phoenix AZ in miles?

It is 313 miles according to Google Maps.

How far is it from Fort Worth to Las Vegas?

how far is it to Las Vegas Nevada from Fort Worth Texas

How far is it from New Mexico to Las Vegas NV?

From Las Vegas NV to Las Vegas NM is about 690 miles.

In what ways are Las Vegas and phoenix different from Seattle and las Angeles?

my tites

How far is it from Las Vegas to Montana?

Las Vegas to Bozeman is 836 miles.

What is the driving time from Las Vegas to Phoenix?

Driving mileage from Las Vegas NV to Phoenix AZ?

The driving distance from Las Vegas, NV, USA to Phoenix, AZ, USA is 297mi / 478km

How far is the Las Vegas McCarran Airport from the Las Vegas Strip?

1 mile

How many air miles is it from las Vegas to phoenix?

The air distance from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Phoenix, Arizona, is 255 miles. That equals 411 kilometers or 222 nautical miles.

What capital city is 250 miles southeast of Las Vegas?

Phoenix, Arizona is about 287 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada.

How many miles is it to drive from Phoenix AZ to Las Vegas NV?

Phoenix AZ to Las Vegas NV is 301 driving miles using US 93 North.

Where in Nevada is Las Vegas located?

Las Vegas is located in the far southeastern corner of Nevada.

How far is Nevada city from Las Vegas?

Nevada City is 51 miles from Las Vegas.

What is the abbreviation for Las Vegas?

The abbreviation for Las Vegas as far as the postal service is LV, for airport purposes it's LAS.

How far is it from Indianapolis to Las Vegas?

It is 1,836 miles between Indianapolis, Indiana and Las Vegas, Nevada.

How far is the Mojave Desert from Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert.

How far is Las Vegas from LA?

Los Angeles, CA is 260 miles from Las Vegas, NV.

What city is half way between Sacramento ca and phoenix Arizona?

I'd say Las Vegas, NV, as far as major towns.

Where does delta go?

Charlotte, Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Denver.

What is the halfway point between phoenix and las Vegas?

Kingman, AZ

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