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Q: How far is Maldives from Jakarta?
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How far is it from London to maldives?

It is 5279 miles / 8496km from London to the Maldives.

How far is Jakarta to Yogyakarta in Indonesia?

Jakarta to Yogyakarta through Semarang is : 534 km Jakarta to Yogyakarta through Purwokerto is : 577 km

How far from California to maldives?

18 hours

How far is Bali from Jakarta?

1.5 hours flight

How far is Jakarta Indonesia from phoenix AZ?

The distance between Jakarta, Indonesia and Phoenix, Arizona is 14,983 miles.

How far is mauritius from maldives?

approximately 2,000 miles

How far ahead is maldives from gmt?

+5 hrs

How far is Jakarta from Singapore?

561 miles or 902.81 kilometres

How far is Okinawa Japan to Jakarta Indonesia?

4264 km.

How far is Hong Kong to Jakarta Indonesia?

3269 km.

How far is Jakarta from Texas?

Distance between jakarta and texas is 1010 miles. Texas is a very awesome place to enjoy the life. Many people also like jakarta a lot.

How far from Dubai to Maldives?

About 4 hours flying time!

How far from the Maldives to London?

There are approximately 5,410 miles from the Maldives to London. The estimated flight time is 11 hours and 34 minutes.

What is Jakarta's nickname?


Where is Persija Jakarta found?

Persija Jakarta is a football club found in Indonesia at the city of Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.

What are the 2 major povinces in Indonesia?

* DKI Jakarta : Special Capital Teritorry of Jakarta, comprises of 5 cities: Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta Selatan and Jakarta Timur * Jawa Barat : West Java

How do you pronounce Maldives?

Maldives= Mal-Deves Xank says: Maldives= Mall-Divs. I am from Maldives so I know it best.

Which is better bandung Jakarta or you Jakarta?


When was jakarta founded?

Jakarta was founded in 1995.

Are the maldives in the tropics?

are maldives in tropics

Is there war in the Maldives?

No wars in Maldives

Is maldives in the commonwealth?

Yes, Maldives is in.

What is the population of the maldives?

The population of Maldives is about 306,000 people.

What is the country of jakarta?

Jakarta is capital city of Indonesia

What is the capital of Indonesia?

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.