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Q: How far is Martinique from mount Pelee?
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What is the plate tectonic of mount pelee?

Caribbean plate which Mount Pelee, Martinique belong

Does mount pelee sit on a oceanic or continental crust?

Mount Pelee is situated on the island of Martinique. Martinique is part of the Caribbean Plate which is a mostlyoceanic tectonic plate.

What year was the volcanic eruption in Mount Pelee Martinique?


Where is Mount Pelee and has it erupted yet?

mount pelee is located in the west indies on an island Caribbean on martinique and it has not erupted since 1929.

Which country is Mount Pelee Volcanoe on?

Martinique Island in the west indies

How many people were injured in the 1902 eruption of Mount Pelee on the island of Martinique?


Which volcano erupted on martinique in the french west indies on May 8 1902?

Mount Pelee

Were there any craters at mount Pelรฉe in France?

Mount Pelee is not in France. It is on the island of Martinique, which was once a French colony. Mount Pelee does have a summit crater, though it is mostly filled with rock from later eruptions.

What volcano is in martinique?


What continent is mount pelee on?

Mount Pelee is on the Caribbean island of Martinique, which is North America. Who ever wrote that it is in Asia should buy an atlas

Where is Mount Pelee?

Mount Pelée is an active volcano on the northern tip of the French "overseas département" of Martinique in the West Indies, Caribbean.

Do people in Martinique worship Mt Pelee?

No. The majority of the people of Martinique are Catholic.

The location of mt pelee?

it's located in martinique.

What type of volcano is Mount Pelee?

Mount Pelee is a stratovolcano or it is also known as a composite volcano.

What type of volcano is mount pelee on martinique?

A composite (also called a stratovolcano) because it can erupt either lava flows or volcanic ash.

Is mount Pelee on a hotspot?

No. Mount Pelee is associated with a convergent plate boundary.

What is the height of mount pelee?

mount pelee measures 4,582FT (1,397 M)

What is the height from the base of Mount Pelee?

Mount Pelee is 1397 meters in height.

What type is mount Pelee?

Mt. Pelee is a stratovolcano

How was Mount Pelee born?

How was Mt. Pelee born?

What country is mount pelee in?

Mount Pelee is on the island of Martinque, which is an overseas region of France.

How long did the volcano in mount pelee last for?

Mount Pelee is a volcano and still is one

Is mount pelee the volcano active?

mount pelee is indeed active so watch out people

Is Mount Pelee a Hawaiian eruption?

No. Mount Pelee is most famous for its Pelean style eruptions.

Is Mount Pelee a hot spot volcano?

No. Mount Pelee is associated with a convergent plate boundary.