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How far is Old Orchard Beach Maine from Portland Maine?

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  • The Town of Old Orchard Beach is on the scenic coastline of Southern Maine and is a ten minute drive from Maine's largest city Portland.
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What is the closest airport to old orchard beach Maine?

The closest major airport to Old Orchard Beach, Maine is Portland International Jetport (PWM / KPWM). This airport is in Portland, Maine and is about 13 miles by car from the center of Old Orchard Beach.

How long will it take to drive from the airport in portland Maine to old orchard beach Maine?

25 minutes

Is it north or south to drive from portland Maine to old orchard beach Maine?

Just a bit south.

How long would it take to drive from old orchard beach Maine to portland Maine?

About 25 minutes

What are some vaction spots in Maine?

some good vacation spots are Portland and even old orchard beach

When you go to Maine what should you visit?

old orchard beach buddy nice place in maine.

How far is Old Orchard Beach Maine from Kittery Maine?

39.5 miles, about 44 minutes.

How many miles between Wells Beach York Maine and Old Orchard Beach Maine?

It is 23.4 miles according to Google Maps.

What towns in Maine begin with the letter O?

Orono Orchard Beach Old Town

How far is old orchard beach Maine from free port Maine?

MapQuest and Google Maps are wonderful tools, try them out!

Towns in Maine that start with o?

Old Orchard Beach Oak Terrace Oak Hill Orland Orono Old Town

What are towns in Maine that are on the coast?

Old Orchard Beach! you could also look on google maps. than you can get exact places and stuff

What is the longest beach on the east coast?

Old orchard beach

What is Old Orchard Beach High School's motto?

Old Orchard Beach High School's motto is 'To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.'.

How many miles between old orchard Maine and westbrook Maine?

20 miles

How long does it take to drive from Old Orchard Beach Maine to Rochester NY?

There are 481 miles between the 2 - it will take you about 7 hours and 36 minutes.

Where is the Libby Memorial Library in Old Orchard Beach located?

The address of the Libby Memorial Library is: 27 Staples Street, Old Orchard Beach, 04064 2216

How big is old orchard beach?

It is 90.000 feet long

What are some attractions to do in Maine?

One fun attraction is going to Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Palace Playland is a great attraction for people of many ages, and has carnival rides, along with food and games.

How long does it take to drive to old orchard beach Maine from levittown ny?

The driving distance is 313 miles. The time needed to drive is 4 hours and 59 minutes.

What is the distance between Toronto Canada and old orchard beach Maine?

The distance between the start point and the destination is 1,022km, and will take approximately 10 hours 22 minutes of driving time.

What is the distance between Old Orchard Beach ME and New York City?

The total distance from Old Orchard Beach, ME to New York, NY is 269 miles as the crow flies. This is equivalent to 432 kilometers or 233 nautical miles.

What does Kathy Angel Lee do for a living?

Kathy Angel Lee is an American artist. She currently lives in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and has received numerous awards for her work. One can get more information on her personal blog.

Where are Fourth of July fireworks held in Old Orchard Beach?

Palace Playland, a small amusement park located in the "downtown" area of Old Orchard Beach, holds a fireworks display every Thursday night at 9:45pm. You can view them from many locations in Old Orchard Beach, including Palace Playland, the pier (which is located right next to Palace Playland) and further South than the downtown area.

How many miles is it to Freeport ME from Old Orchard Beach ME?

It is 34.3 miles according to Google Maps.