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How far is Portsmouth to surrey?


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About 53 miles


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It is 109 miles from Bath to Chertsey, Surrey.

yes it is in portsmouth, so if you are in the area of copnor then you are very close to it. If you are out of portsmouth then you are quite far away depending how far you go

From Portsmouth Gatwick airport is 76.4 miles.

Surrey is a county which adjoins London, so it would depend on which part of Surrey you are travelling from.

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Surrey is a county which adjoins Heathrow. You will have to be more specific and indicate which town you are asking about.

Surrey is a county adjacent to London and parts of London are actually in Surrey. To get a more accurate answer, you would need to identify which parts of London and Surrey you are travelling between.

About 30 minutes by car. Public transport will take longer.

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Portsmouth is about 75 miles south of London

Uxbridge is a district in west London and Surrey is a county which is adjacent to London and covers quite a large area, so you would need to specify which town or village in Surrey to get an accurate answer to this question.

62 miles taking I-95 NORTH.

It's a 45 minute drive in your car, or 45-90 minutes via skytrain and bus depending on where in Surrey you are coming from.

A footstep or less, as Kent and Surry are next to each other.

Surrey is a County.. There are many Towns in Surrey.

453 miles taking U.S. 58 EAST.

2275 Miles by road. 1965 Miles in a straight line

Plane. There are a lot of Portsmouths around the world (see below), but none of them is close enough to Barcelona to make a train quicker than a plane.Canada:Portsmouth Village, Kingston, OntarioDominica:Portsmouth, DominicaUnited Kingdom:Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandPortsmouth, West Yorkshire, EnglandUnited States:Portsmouth, IowaPortsmouth, New Hampshire Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, a U.S. Navy baseThe 1905 Treaty of Portsmouth ending the Russo-Japanese WarPortsmouth, North Carolina, a village Portsmouth Island, North CarolinaPortsmouth, OhioPortsmouth, Portland, OregonPortsmouth, Rhode IslandPortsmouth, VirginiaPortsmouth Township, MichiganPortsmouth Square, a park in San Francisco

The address of the Portsmouth Public Library is: 175 Parrott Avenue, Portsmouth, 03801 4452

The distance is approx. 2 625 km (straight line).

The number of hotels in Portsmouth depends on which Portsmouth one wishes to visit. Portsmouth, Virginia is home to ten hotels. Portsmouth, New Hampshire has seventeen hotels.

The address of the Portsmouth Athenaeum is: Po Box 848, Portsmouth, NH 03802-0848

Portsmouth is the correct spelling.

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