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The direct distance is 5502.2 miles / 8855 kilometers. I used the following site to calculate this,

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โˆ™ 2011-04-08 17:21:05
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Q: How far is Sacramento California from Paris France?
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How far is Sacramento from Paris?

== == The distance between Sacramento, CA and Paris, France is approximately 5503 miles (8856 km).

How far is Northern California from Sacramento California?

Sacramento is in northern california

How far is France from Paris?

Paris is IN FRANCE!

How far is Paris France from Sunrise?

how far is Paris from sunrise

How far is Sacramento CA to Napa Valley CA?

It is 60.3 miles between Sacramento California and Napa California.

How far is Long Beach California from Paris France?

The distance from Long Beach, CA to Paris, FR is 5671 miles (9126 km).

How far is it from Crescent City CA to Sacramento CA?

There are about 262.055 miles between Crescent City, California and Sacramento, California.

How far is it from Paris to Bergerac?

There are about 589km between Paris, France and Bergerac, France.

How far is it from Eureka to Sacramento California?

289 miles

How far is orovilleCalifornia from Sacramento california?

10000 miles

How far is it from California to Utah?

how far salt lake city, Utah to sacramento, california? 532 532

How far is vallejo from paris?

Air miles from Vallejo, California, to Paris, France, total 5,554 miles. That is 8,937 kilometers or 4,826 nautical miles.

How far is it from Paris Texas to Paris France?

4,830 miles.

How far is Paris from ile-de-france?

Paris is in the center of the "ile-de-France" region.

How far is it from Sacramento California to Napa California?

It is 60.3 miles according to Google Maps.

How far is Sacramento California to Disneyland in California?

It is 411 miles according to Google Maps.

How far is it from Paris France to Normandy France?

About 230 km.

How far is Santa Barbara California to Sacramento California?

from Sacramento to santa barbra is about 6 1/2 driving hours and approx. 400 miles

How far is Paris France from the Atlantic ocean?

no far enough

What is the distance to Stade de France from Paris?

The distance to the Stade de France is not far as itis in Paris.

How far is the drive from San Diego California to Sacramento California?

It is 8 hours and 17 minutes.

How far from Sacramento California to Great Falls Montana?

It is 1023 miles.

How far is it between Sacramento California and Houston Texas?

It is 1,931.86 miles.

How far is Las Vegas NeVada from Sacramento CAlifornia?

563 miles

How far is Carson City Nevada from Sacramento California?

129 miles.