The largest city in Pennsylvania which was founded in 1682 and incorporated in 1701

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Train Travel

Is there a train service between Detroit and Philadelphia?

Yes, there is a train service between these two cities. Amtrak operates two daily trips. Tickets cost $83 and the travel time is 18 hr, 53 minutes.

Distances and Travel Times

How far is Hartford Connecticut from Philadelphia?

This is best determined from a good Map site. Begin your Quest now.

Coins and Paper Money
US Coins

When was a penny made that has the words uncirculated Philadelphia Treasury United States Mint on it?

It is not a coin, but it is minted on a genuine one cent planchet. These were included in the official US Mint Sets to fill the sixth space in the package in years when only 5 coins (no dollar coins) were made.

Road Distance
Driving Times

What is the distance between Columbus Ohio and Philadelphia?

It is 456 miles.

Philadelphia Eagles

Where is Philadelphia located?

Philadelphia is a city located in the state of Pennsylvania. On the north eastern side of the United States of America. In Pennslyvania

New Jersey

What are the echelon towers in Voorhees NJ?

The Echelon Towers in Voorhees N.J is an apartment complex for seniors. It has in recent years also become a hangout for men with mental conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. As the men don't have jobs due to their mental illness, you will find them at the Echelon Towers late at night mostly staying in a first floor apartment but walking around a bit too. Anywhere from two to seven men will be found at the Echelon Towers on any given night.


How much is the toll cost between Philadelphia PA and Chester VA?


Rules of the Road

Should you worry about going 75-80 mph in the Philadelphia area when everyone else is?

The fact that everyone else is going to same speed will not be a defense if you are stopped and ticketed for speeding. If you are worried about getting a ticket, then yes you should worry about speeding even if everyone else is. Yes, it is unlikely that you will be the one stopped, but someone has to be that person.

Well, at the risk of sounding parental:

Would you jump off a bridge just because everyone else does?

Laws are made an enforced for a reason. They may not always make sense to you, indeed, some make no sense at all, but there is a reason.

It may seem OK to do it because 'everyone else' is doing it. But rest assured people do get caught and ticketed, whether you are there to see it or not.

Wait until you or someone you care about is involved in (or, Heaven forbid, injured or killed in) a speed related wreck. Will you still feel the same way?

I reckon it all depends on how strictly enforced the speed limit is in your area. Notwithstanding the patronizing "would you jump off a bridge if everyone else does" answer someone provided, on interstates and similar highways/bi-ways it is usually in the best interest of the safety of yourself and those around you to move with the flow of traffic, provided it is not moving at a speed greater than your vehicle can safely and reliably travel. Many law enforcement agencies are aware of this, and that is why they will often let traffic travel at a "consensus" pace, even if that pace is well above the speed limit. I know this to be the case in the Chicago area, where one car traveling the speed limit while everyone else is doing 20 to 30 over is liable to cause a bottleneck and get someone hurt. IL state troopers would rather see traffic flow smoothly, even at 25MPH over the limit, than see a handful of people clogging up the flow but technically obeying the law. (They are less forgiving in less populated areas downstate where traffic is too thin for a "consensus" speed to form.) Please note that law enforcement's tendency to allow speeding under certain circumstances is NOT a license to drive as fast as you want. Even if everyone else is speeding, they WILL nail you if you're driving faster than everyone else and/or weaving in and out of traffic.

If you find your local highway enforcement will permit traffic to move at a consensus pace, it is best for you to move at that same pace. If, however, they are inclined to pick people out of the pack to give them tickets, you may want to drive a bit slower than the consensus pace, as the cops are far more likely to pull over someone who is passing you. My brief tenure as a PA resident left me with the impression that the state troopers are the type who would rather pick people out than let them establish a safe consensus pace. At least that was the case in Pittsburgh. Your experience on the other end of the state may be different.

Something that I have noticed with experience. It all depends on the area that you are driving in, as the user above stated. Usually the faster driver is the one that gets picked out of the pack. Typically officers monitor the left lane and focus their radar on this particular point and wait for someone to break their own justified speed limit. They are only there to keep you in line. Usually they will pull someone over just to be as a warning to other drivers, as to let them know that they are monitored. Even if the subject doesn't get a ticket, none of the other drivers know that. As long as they see that someone is pulled over, they will typically slow down in that part of the highway/road.


What is the last name of the current Mayor of Philadelphia?

Flight Times

How long does it take to fly from Nigeria to Philadelphia?

how long does take to fly from nigeria to philadelphia


How many feet above sea level is Pennsylvania?

It towers 39 feet above sea level.


Where is Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a city located in the state of Pennsylvania. On the north eastern side of the United States of America.
In the state of Pennsylvania

Snow and Ice

What is philadelphia's most snow ever recorded?

Assuming you're referring to a one-storm total, that would be the blizzard of 1996 (Jan 7 and 8) when the airport received over 30".

Mindless Behavior (band)

When is Mindless Behavior coming to philadelphia?

in 4 days

Philadelphia Phillies

How do you enter the phillies McDonald's home run jackpot?

Its easy all you have to do is go to your local McDonald's and the should have a little form about the size of a postcard and just fill your information out stick it in the mailbox and tour are automatically entered into the phillies homering jackpot .

Good luck i watch the phillies all the time on tv i would like to see him in person lauren gillis


Is the movie Philadelphia based on a true story?

The movie Philadelphia was inspired by the story of Geoffrey Bowers, an attorney who in 1987 sued the law firm Baker & McKenzie for unfair dismissal in one of the first AIDS discrimination cases.

New York City
Road Distance

Distance New York City to Harrisburg PA?

It is 169.95 miles according to MapQuest.


Where could someone get a reasonably priced outfit for the Renaissance fair?

On eBay, their is a lot of reasonably priced Renaissance fair clothing. Try or They both carry clothing styles worn during that era. -Jumpie

I made my outfit from savers. I got a nice flowey bangle skirt , and a peasant shirt. ---- you could get a decent outfit at forever21

Protests, Riots and Civil Unrest

What sparked the Philadelphia Prayer Riots of 1844 which is 17 years prior to the Civil War?

The Philadelphia Nativist Riots (also known as the Philadelphia prayer riots of 1844, the Bible riotsand the Native American riots) were a series of riots that took place between May 3 and May 8 and July 6 and July 7, 1844 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its suburbs. The riots involved conflicts between nativists and recent Irish Catholic immigrants. The May riots began in Kensington after tensions had risen after anti-Catholic groups began spreading misinformation that Catholics were trying to remove the Bible from public schools. The July riots began in Southwark after a Catholic church armed itself for protection. Both riots resulted in loss of life and property damage.

History of the United States

When was Philadelphia founded?

Dutch and Swedish settlers established farms in the area now known as Philadelphia in the early 1600's. In 1623 when the Dutch established a trading post on land that is now the City of Philadelphia. In 1681, Charles II granted William Penn a charter to the land west of the Delaware river. William Penn selected the location for the principal city in this colony and named the city "Philadelphia". He laid out the street plan for the city in 1682. In 1701, William Penn chartered the City of Philadelphia.

Road Distance
Driving Times

Distance in road miles between Philadelphia and Key West?

Given is the calculated distance as well as the driving travel time, which does not take into account driving conditions, traffic, etc. The distance between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Key West, Florida is 1,361 miles. The resulting travel time is 22 hours and 45 minutes.

Name Origins

If there is a archway cookie distributor in fort Wayne Indiana?

Yes it used to be by the airport. Just off of Indiana 24.

Postage and Shipping

How long does it take to mail a letter from Philadelphia to Canada?

a week

Flight Times
Punta Cana

How long does it take to fly from Philadelphia PA to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic?

3 hours and 45" going south

Road Distance

How far is philadelphia Pennsylvania from Virginia?

About two hours depending on where you're going in VA


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