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Q: How far is cebu to bacolod?
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If there is a supercat from bacolod city to ormoc city leyte?

None, you have to stopover at Cebu City first.

How do you get from Bacolod to Cagayan De Oro?

Cagayan de Oro can be reached from Bacolod City in this 2 easiest ways: 1. Via Airplane - land trip from Bacolod City to Silay City Airport. Fly from Bacolod City to Cebu City. Then, connecting flight from Cebu City to Cagayan de Oro City airport. Take a taxi to desired destination in Cagayan de Oro City. Jeepneys are available outside of the airport. 2. Via Land and Sea - land trip from Bacolod City to San Carlos City. Then, fastcraft or barge from San CArlos City to Cebu City bus terminal. Taxi or jeepney from the bus terminal to the Cebu City Port. Take a boat from Cebu City port to Cagayan de Oro City port. Take a jeepney, pedicab or taxi to destination in Cagayn de Oro City. Ceres has a direct trip from Bacolod City to Cebu City via Escalante/ San Carlos to Toledo/Tabuelan.

How do you get to Bacolod city from cebu city?

Take the Ceres aircon bus (Php205) from Bacolod City across the island to San Carlos via Murcia and Salvador Benedicto. Then take the RORO Ferry (Economy class Php225) across to Toledo on Cebu island and then the CERES bus (Php125) from Toledo to Cebu City --- Php555 total. Take about 7/8 hours.

What areas does Cebu Pacific Airlines offer flights to?

The major destinations of Cebu Pacific Airlines, aside from Cebu itself, include Bacolod, Butuan, Masbate, Davao, Dipolog, Zamboanga, Tacloban, Camuguin, Manila, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Clark, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok.

How far is Boracay from Cebu?

300 miles

What is Bacolod's population?

Bacolod's population is 531,943.

How far is cebu domestic airport from cebu city?

The International Airport is about a 30 to45 minute taxi ride from Cebu City, depending on the time of day.

What is the best driving school in Bacolod or Negors?

The best driving school in Bacolod City or the entire island of Negros is DrivingCraft Driving Lessons. They are located at 89 Lacson Street, Bacolod City. They are the pioneer in the field of driving instruction, and so far, the best at what they do.

How far is Bacolod City to San Carlos City?

56.5 kilometers or 46 minutes by car

How far is Cebu City from the equator?

800 nautical miles

What is the telephone number of DFA in Bacolod?

contact of dfa bacolod

When was Bacolod created?

Bacolod was created on 1938-06-18.

What is the area of Bacolod?

The area of Bacolod is 162.67 square kilometers.

What is the population of Metro Bacolod?

Metro Bacolod's population is 716,306.

Is there a customs broker in bacolod city?

As far as I know, Bacolod City has a school offering BS Custom Administration who successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Customs Broker and which I supposed that some of them are practicing their profession in the City. Conversely, Bacolod city is a subport of entry of Ilo-ilo.

What is the scariest haunted house in Cebu?

There are many known haunted houses in Cebu, specially in the far south and north of Cebu where old pre-Spanish houses still exist.

What is the post code of bacolod city?

Postal Code of Bacolod City is 6100

When was Nikki Bacolod born?

Nikki Bacolod was born on 1989-08-18.

When was Bacolod Chicken Inasal created?

Bacolod Chicken Inasal was created in 1993.

When was Bacolod City College created?

Bacolod City College was created in 1997.

When was SM City Bacolod created?

SM City Bacolod was created in 2007.

When was Robinsons Place Bacolod created?

Robinsons Place Bacolod was created in 1997.

What is the area of Metro Bacolod?

The area of Metro Bacolod is 578.65 square kilometers.

Fare negros navigation from to bacolod?

The fare of navigation from Negros to Bacolod is about 350 Philippine Pesos.

What is the swift code for Bank of The Philippine Islands in Bacolod City?

Swift code for BPI Bacolod