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How far is it across Finland?

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About 1300 kilometres from south to north and 400 kilometres from east to west.

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How long is a flight from Finland to Dallas?

how far it is in miles to Finland to dallas,Texas? how far it is in miles to Finland to dallas,Texas?

How far is Finland from Russia?

Finland is right next to Russia. Finland and Russia are neighbours.

How far is it from Sweden to Finland?

Sweden and Finland have a common boundary.

Does Finland have salt?

As far as I know, salt is not produced in Finland.

Where is Estonia in world map?

Find the bottom of Finland. Directly south, across the Gulf of Finland is Estonia.

What country is located across the Gulf of Bothnia from Scandinavia?


Which two cities face one another across the Gulf of Finland?

Helsinki (in Finland) and Tallinn (in Estonia) face each other over the Gulf of Finland.

Is Finland the crime capital of the world?

No it is not, far from it.

What is the east of Sweden and west of Finland?

At the far north Finland is attached to Sweden and Norway. Other than that the Baltic sea seperates Sweden from Finland

How far across is Asia?

across Asia to Europe?

What body of water separates Finland from Switzerland?

The Gulf of Bothnia separates Finland from Sweden. Switzerland is a landlocked country on the southern border of Germany, and is far from Finland.

Who is better at hockey Finland or Germany?

Germany by far; they are ranked first in the world, while Finland is around #70.

What are the ratings and certificates for Come Across - 1929?

Come Across - 1929 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:(Banned) (1930)

How far is Florida from Finland?

About 8000 kilometers or 5000 miles

How far is it from Levi in Finland to the north pole?

1500 mi

Does Finland has constant daylight?

In the far north, in summer, yes.

How far away is Finland from north Carolina?

a long way

How far is Finland from Portugal?

Approximate distance in miles from Lisboa Portugal to Helsinki Finland is 2086 miles or 3356.37 Kilometers

What are the bordering countries of Finland?

It is bordered by Sweden in the west, Norway in the north and Russia in the east, while Estonia lies to its south across the Gulf of Finland.

What country is Finland in?

The republic of Finland situated in the Fennoscandian region of northern Europe. It borders Sweden on the west, Russia on the east, and Norway on the north, while Estonia lies to its south across the Gulf of Finland.

How far is it from Finland to Arkansas?

The distance between the capital of Finland, Helsinki, and the capital of the state of Arkansas, Little Rock, is about 4978 miles.

Which country shares a border with Switzerland and Finland?

None. Switzerland and Finland are too far apart for any country to share a border with both of them.

What region stretches across Norway finland and Sweden?

I'm not sure are you talking about Lapland or Fennoscandia.

How far away from Honolulu to Las Vegas?

Across the ocean. Pretty far

How far across is the US?

about 3000 miles

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