How far is it by boat from California to the Persian gulf?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How far is it by boat from California to the Persian gulf?
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How far is amman from the Persian gulf?

Amman is about 750 miles from Persian Gulf.

Does the Sinai peninsula separate the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman?

NO, the Sinai Peninsula is far to the west of Persian Gulf. It is the Omani Peninsula which separates the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

How far is Dubai from the Persian gulf?

Dubai is right on the Persian Gulf.

How far apart is Lahore Pakistan from the Persian gulf?

The distance from Lahore Pakistan to the Persian Gulf is roughly 1,421 miles. One of the nearest cities on the Persian Gulf which is accessible by car from Lahore is Bandare-e Anzali, Iran.

What consists of the Mediterranean sea and Persian gulf?

Those are two totally separate waterforms . The Mediterranean is between Africa and Europe and has nothing to do with the Persian Gulf which is far to the east.

How far can you boat up the Mississippi from the gulf of Mexico?

2340 miles. All the way from Canada to the Gulf Coast in Louisiana.

How far is Tucson AZ from Gulf of California?

212 miles

What nation owns the Persian gulf?

Persians (Iranians), 30 years old earlier Shah exchanged Bahrain with Other Parts of Persian Gulf (Some parts that where far from Iran). recently Arabian countries found out there is many black golds in it, that's why they started to take it back with renaming it.. Actually it always where Persian Gulf, but owning it (Fully) is after Shah exchanged Bahrain..

How far is Pensacola Florida from Gulf Shores Alabama?

its about a 40 minute drive from gulf shores..not far at all

What gulf experiences more hurricanes the gulf of mexico or the gulf of st lawrance?

The Gulf of Mexico by far. The Gulf of St. Lawrence hardly, if ever, gets hurricanes.

How many American's have died so far in the Persian Gulf war?

Only the nearly 30 US Sailors aboard the USS Stark when it was hit by an Iraqi missile during the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988.

What area controlled by Islam in AD750?

a lot above the mediterranean sea and all of Spain and far off to the right of the Persian gulf if this doesnt help you can always Google this question on Google images to find what your looking for that's what i did :)