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How far is it from Leeds England to Madrid Spain?

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How far is it from Leeds England to Murcia Spain?

About 1,000 miles.

How far away from England to Spain?

From Leeds it's Apprantly 1502 KM,, Hope this helped :)

How far away is Spain from England?

Spain is 3376 miles away from England or is 3214 miles away from London air port to Madrid air port

How far in front is Spain from leeds?

It is an hour in front of england so if it was 25 minutes past 1 it would be 25 past 2 in spain

How far from Salamanca Spain to Madrid Spain?

There are 213 km (133 mi.) from Salamanca to Madrid, Spain.

How far is it from Madrid Spain to Malaga Spain?

332 miles

How far is it in miles from Dallas to Madrid?

Dallas TX to Madrid Spain is 4,949 miles

How far is it from York England to Leeds England?

Approx 25 miles (40 km)

How far is Valencia Spain from Madrid Spain?

It is 220.5 miles, about a 4 hour drive.

How far is Madrid Spain from Dublin I reland?

about 900 miles

How far from Edinburgh to Leeds?

220 miles taking A1 to The SOUTH to M1 in ENGLAND, and then M1 (S) to Leeds.

What city is south of Madrid Spain?

Getafe is close SW of Madrid, when Pinto is far south of the city.

How far is it from Barcelona Spain to Madrid Spain?

By car, approximately 600 km - about 6 hours

How far is Madrid from lima?

The flight distance from Madrid, Spain to Lima, Peru is 5,905 miles / 9,504 km

Madrid Spain lies as far north as which US City?

Madrid is at almost exactly the same latitude as Pittsburgh, PA.

How far is Spain from the US?

From Atlanta airport to Madrid about 4300 miles or 9hrs

How far is Madrid Spain from Memphis tn?

7292.63 km (4531.55 mi.)

How far is Laconia New Hampshire from Madrid Spain?

its about 10 hrs away

How far is it from Manchester UK to Madrid Spain by road?

Roughly 310 hours

How far is Spain from Los Angeles?

Los Angeles/Madrid is 5815 miles

How far is Spain to Australia?

The distance between Madrid, Spain and Sydney, Australia is 10996 miles (17696 km).

How far is Aveiro Portugal to Madrid Spain?

There are 323 miles fro Aveiro Portugal to Madrid Spain. It should take five and one half to six hours to drive.

How far between Mexico City and Madrid?

Mexico City, Mexico and Madrid, Spain are 9022 Km (5606 miles) apart.

How far is the drive from Madrid to Marbella in Spain?

It is 367.3 miles from Madrid to Marbella. It's just over a 6 hour drive.

How far is it from Austria to Spain?

By air, the distance between Vienna, Austria and Madrid, Spain is 1,124 miles. (1,809 km).