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3662 miles (5893 kilometres)

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Q: How far is it from London Ontario to London England?
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Is London Ontario further north then London England?

London, Ontario is 48o 58' N. London, England is 51o 31' N - So London, Ontario is further north.

What is farther up north London England or London Ontario?

London Ontario Canada

What time is the Royal Wedding in London Ontario?

London, Ontario is 5 hours behind London, England. So if they wedding starts at 9am London England time, it will be 4am in London Ontario

What is time difference between Ontario and London England?

Ontario, Canada are Five Hours (-5) behind London, England.

Is London Ontario Larger than London England?


How far is it from London Ontario to Cobourg Ontario?

185 miles

How far is stratford Ontario to London Ontario?

It is about 63km from London, Ontario to Stratford, Ontario. Driving time is about 1 hour, 5 minutes.

How far is London Ontario from whitehorse?

how for is london ont. to whitehorse

What is the time difference between UK and London Ontario Canada?

London England is five hours ahead of our time in London Ontario.

Is Toronto larger than London?

The City of Toronto, in Ontario, is larger than London, Ontario, but smaller than London, England.

How far from London Ontario to Orillia Ontario?

About 180-190 miles

What is the distance between London Ontario and London England?

That's about 3662 miles.

How far is it from Kingston Ontario to London Ontario via the 401?

305 miles

How far from London Ontario Canada to Northbay Ontario Canada?

It is 509 km.

Is it winter in London?

Depends on London Ontario, or London, England. It can we winter for bot places. Yes. It can!

What country London in?

London is the capital city of England. There is also a city called London in Ontario, Canada.

How far is Windsor Ontario from London Ontario?

About an hour and a half if you're taking the 401

How would one get directions to London?

London, England, or London, Ontario? Assuming this is London, England, check out Trip Advisor, they have a street map which shows the subway stations.

How far from harwich England to London England?

Harwich/London is 68 miles

How far is it from London to Blackburn England?

London to BlackBurn England is about 228 miles.

How far is it from London Ontario to Chicago?

Between 400-420Miles

How far is it from palmyra NY to London Ontario?

230 miles

How far is Michigan from London England?

London, England is 3,748 miles from Detroit, Michigan.

How Far is England from London?

London in IN the South West of England. It is the country's capital city.

How far is London Ontario to Fort Erie Ontario?

230 km...2 hours 45 mins