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How far is it from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada to Miami Florida?


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It is 2,013 miles according to Google Maps.

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depends where in Canada, but to Ontario about 3 to 4 hours

The air distance from Miami, Florida, to London, Canada, is 1,187 miles. That equals 1,910 kilometers or 1,031 nautical miles.

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The distance from Miami, Florida to London, Ontario, Canada is 1,031 nautical miles. If you were to fly, it would take 2 hours 10 minutes, and if you were to drive, it would take 22 hours 55 minutes.

Miami is in Florida.Or:Miami, Oklahoma is 1,440.38 miles from Miami, Florida.

Canada is a country. Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami are cities in the United States.Chicago is in IllinoisLos Angeles is in CaliforniaMiami is in Florida

The flight distance from Miami, Florida to Merritt, Canada is: 2,728 miles / 4,390 km

The flight distance from Miami, Florida to Vancouver, Canada is: 2,805 miles / 4,514 km

It is 1,483.96 miles according to MapQuest.

Miami is INSIDE Florida

Miami is not the capital of Florida. Tallahassee is considered to be the capital of Florida. Miami is considered the largest metro in Florida.

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if you started at miami it would be 490 hours

Florida is significantly closer. Even Miami is about 800 miles closer to Toronto than any place in California is.

No, Miami is not located in Florida. Miami is located in the state of Florida. Miami is famous for its beaches.

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Miami Florida Miami Florida

Ummm..... Miami is in Florida

in the Florida PanhandleMiamiin the Florida PanhandleMiami

Distance is about 1,500 miles. Driving time is about 22 to 23 hours.

The driving distance between Miami, FL and Toronto, ON, Canada is 1521 miles. The driving time would be approximately 24 hours if you were to drive non-stop in good conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions such as weather, road work and rush hour traffic in urban areas.)

Miami is in the Continental US State of Florida.

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