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How far is it to london from stratford?

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Following the modern motorway the M40 it is 105 mi from Tower Hill to Henley Street in Stratford. That's about 168 km. The distance may be different if you start somewhere else in greater London, not in the actual city.

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How far is stratford Ontario to London Ontario?

It is about 63km from London, Ontario to Stratford, Ontario. Driving time is about 1 hour, 5 minutes.

How far is it from Stratford England to London England?

176 miles

How far is Shakespeares birthplace from London?

Stratford upon Avon is about 100 miles from Central London.

How big is Stratford?

Stratford - on - Avon or Stratford London E15

What is the distance between London and stratford upon Avon?

distance between london and stratford upon avon

Were about in London is the 2012 Olympics?


What part of London is the 2012 Olympics in?

The London 2012 games will be in Stratford.

How many miles London Victoria to London stratford?

8 miles

What is the closest hotel to olympic park?

Each of these lodgings is within a 4km radius of Olympic Park, London: Staybridge Suites Stratford Bellhaven London Stratford Apartments Express by Holiday Inn London - Stratford Ibis London Stratford Holiday Inn London Stratford City The Park Tavern Hotel Countryside Hotel Ramada Gatwick Egrinstead Sleeping Beauty Motel The Town Hall Hotel Apartments Days Hotel London Shoreditch Express by Holiday Inn London - Royal Docks/Docklands Ex By Holiday Inn Royal Dock Premier Apts London

When Shakespeare left London where did he go?


Where in London is the olympic stadium built?


In which London borough will be the stadium for the 2012 Olympics?

In Stratford, London Borough of Newham.

Where did William Shakespeare live in adult life?

Stratford, then London, then Stratford. In his early married life, when his children were born, he must have been living in Stratford still, but at some point, we do not exactly know when, he moved to London to be an actor and only visited Stratford occasionally. After he retired, only a few years before his death, he returned to Stratford again.

Did William shakespeare meet Anne Hathaway in London or in stratford?

Shakespeare met is sexy wife in Stratford

When did William Shakespeare leave stratford for London?


Which country is hosting the Olympics in 2012?

London in stratford

Where is westfields in London?

just outside stratford station.

What part of London will host the events?

Stratford City

What place in London is the Olympics going to be held?


What place in London is the Olympics held this year?


Which area of London is the main olympic village in?


When did Shakespeare return from London?

He retired to Stratford in about 1613.

Where did Shakespeare live most?

He lived in Stratford from 1564 to 1585 and from 1613 to 1616, about 24 years altogether. He lived in London from 1592 to 1613, about 21 years altogether. We do not know where he was from 1585 to 1592--it could have been London, Stratford or somewhere else. The answer is: London or Stratford, we're not sure which.

Where did public executions occur in England?

Tower Hill, London, Stratford in East London,

Why are the London Olympics going to be held in Stratford?

Because they said it plus its near to london

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