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How far is sarai rohilla from dwarka?

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Is there metro station at sarai rohilla?

Shastri Nagar metro station is nearest to sarai rohilla

How far is Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station from Old Delhi railway station and New Delhi railway station respectively and how one can reach to it from Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station.?

== == 4 kilometres

How far is Sarai Rohilla Railway Station from shastri nagar metro station?

1.4 kms

How much far delhi sarai rohilla railway station from yamuna vihar?

15 kms

What is the pincode of Sarai Rohilla and which bus goes to Sarai Rohilla that is very urgent?

Pincode of sarai rohilla is 110035. It is in North Delhi. Nearest Metro station: Sastri Nagar. Distance from ISBT, delhi- abt 10Kms.You can come down from any place in Delhi through an hired scooter.

Where is delhi sarai rohilla station?

apni maa sepooochle na bhadwe

How far is Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station from Old Delhi railway station and New Delhi railway station respectively?

Approx 4 km

Distance betweenDelhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station and munirka?

Around 18 km

How to get from Indira Gandhi International airport to Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station?

The easiest way to get from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station is to take the Delhi Metro. The fare is 1 American dollar and it takes 22 minutes to get there.

Which is the nearest Metro station for Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station?

Shastri nagar Shastri nagar

How much time it takes from Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station to new delhi railway station?

It has a distance of 4km

How do you reach Delhi Sarai Rohilla railway station from Delhi Subzi Mandi railway station?

you can,t reach because they are same stations

How do you reach delhi sarai rohilla railway station?

The nearest metro station is Shastri Nagar if you are from Metro. The Best way to reach by road(bus) is to take a change at ISBT or ITO.

What is the population of Dwarka?

The population of Dwarka is 33,614.

How far is H Nizamuddin railway station from Delhi s Rohilla Station?

might b 952km

When did Operation Dwarka happen?

Operation Dwarka happened on 1965-09-07.

What is the population of Dwarka Sub City?

Dwarka Sub City's population is 1,100,000.

When did Dwarka Divecha die?

Dwarka Divecha died on January 5, 1978.

When was Dwarka Prasad Mishra born?

Dwarka Prasad Mishra was born in 1901.

When did Dwarka Prasad Mishra die?

Dwarka Prasad Mishra died in 1988.

How far is shastri nagar metro station from delhi rohilla?

Sat guru ramsingh metro station. Kirtinagar-mundka rout

When was Dwarka Divecha born?

Dwarka Divecha was born on March 19, 1918, in Bombay, India.

When was Dwarka - Delhi Metro - created?

Dwarka - Delhi Metro - was created in 2005.

What is the population of Sarai Mir?

The population of Sarai Mir is 15,526.

What is Sarai Aquil's population?

The population of Sarai Aquil is 15,719.