How far is the capital of zambia from the US?

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Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, is approximately 6,800 miles from the US.
8,714 mi Distance from United States to Lusaka

What was the capital of the US?

Washington D.C. is the capital city of the United States.New York City was the first capital of the United States once theConstitution was ratified. In 1790 Philadelphia was chosen as atemporary capital for ten years (until December 1800), until thenation's capital in Washington, D.C., would be read ( Full Answer )

Where is Zambia?

Zambia lies in the south of Africa. Zambia shares its borders witha lot of countries. It neighbors the Democratic Republic of theCongo to the north, Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east,Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia to the south, andAngola to the west. Zambia has no coastal l ( Full Answer )

What were the capitals of the us?

the capital of the US is Washington dc The only national capital for the United States of American is Washington, D.C. Each state also has a state capital.

What current US state capital used to be the capital of the US?

It was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia was the capital up until the state of Virginia complained during the Federalist vs Antifederalist era about not receiving very much financial aid by Hamilton's economic plan of the government absorbing all of the states' debts. Philadelphia was the cap ( Full Answer )

What continent is Zambia in?

Zambia is a country in the continent of Africa . The Republicof Zambia was formerly known as Northern Rhodesia. It is locatedin South Central Africa. It is landlocked.

How was Zambia found?

Zambia was found by a Scottish explorer, Doctor David Livingstone, while he was searching for the source of the Nile in 1855.

When do you use a capital?

When your trying to say something like" capital letter" or when your talking about the state capital(the building). Capitol is the actual city. For example Albany is the Capitol of New York.

How old is Zambia?

Zambia just turned 49 on 24th October, 2013,having being born in 1964 the same day and month.

Where is capitalism used?

In the United States chiefly. Great Britain and British commonwealth countries (e.g., Australia, Canada, India). Japan. Pretty much the entire industrialized world, except China. References:

When do you use capitalization?

Capitalization is used at the beginning of a sentence, the first letter of proper names, such as a city or country, or person's name. A month is an example. It can also be used in titles of books or films, chapter headings and headlines in written media, also when you are expressing yourself like fo ( Full Answer )

What is there in Zambia?

Zambia has a lot to offer in the way of sightseeing. The largest attraction is in the south on the Zambezi River: The Victoria Falls. These spectacular falls are the widest in the world and are over 100 feet tall. The first white man to see them was the missionary-explorer David Livingstone. Zambia ( Full Answer )

First capital of us and second capital of us?

In 1789 New York City became the nation's first capital. Then in 1790 the capital was relocated to Pennsylvania where it remained for ten years. Once again in 1800 the capital was move to its current location in Washington D.C.

Why is the US capital where it is?

The District of Columbia was chosen to be in the "middle" of the USat the time. It's actually very slightly south of the mean centerof population of the US at the time it was founded (about 30miles), but the location was a better one for political reasons:locating it at the exact center of populatio ( Full Answer )

How far is the capital from the nearest mountain?

From the peak of the mountain or from the base of the foothills?, and are you asking about the center of town, or the city limits, or the outer fringes of the suburbs? You need to be a little more specific, and... There's something else,.... Oh! right. What capital? What mountain?

What transport is used in Zambia?

There are mainline trains that run from the copperbelt to the capital, Lusaka and to Livingstone at Victoria Falls. There are many buses that cover the entire rural areas, and some people have their own cars.

What is capital and who use it?

Capital is letter in uppercase and everybody use it. In e-mail or chat however... only shouting people use it... *smile*

What is 'No' in Zambia?

As English is the official language your answer will be 'no'. However In Nyanja, also known as Chewa, 'Lyayi' use strongly, or 'ayi' is more polite

What are the uses for capital?

Capital letters are used at the start of a sentence, or mainly used to make a certain part of a sentence STAND OUT.

Why is Zambias capital named Livingstone?

Livingstone is not the capital of Zambia. Lusaka has been thecapital of Zambia since 1935. Livingstone itself was named afterDavid Livingstone, who was a British explorer that explored partsof Africa.

What are the hobbies in Zambia?

What you can do in Zambia varies. Many people fish, farm, and even see each lake, river, or waterfall to view the beautiful sights.

What is the geology of Zambia?

Zambia is effectively sandwiched between the Kasai, Zimbabwe - Kaapvall and Tanzania cratons. The oldest succession of rocks in the country (c.3000 Ma.- 2050 Ma.), the basement supergroup, consists mostly of granitic gneissis and migmatites, found throughout eastern, central and southern Zambia. ( Full Answer )

Was Zambia a colony?

Yes, Zambia was at one time a colony of a European power. During the Berlin Conference, the Europeans divided up Africa and its people for their own benefit. They were trying to obtain the resources there, and so they gave the people no say.

How far is Suriname's capital city from the Equator?

Just under 438 miles is the distance between Suriname's capital city and the Equator. Specifically, the exact distance is 437.99 miles, which is 704.88 kilometers or 380.35 nautical miles. The distance is calculated from the Surinamese capital of Paramaribo to the Brazilian Equatorial. It is cov ( Full Answer )

Why do you use capital I?

It's very simple really. This actually comes from print. When early typographers were setting print for the first time in English (especially for the Bible) they did not think that a small, one letter word was large enough to be legible. The transition is quite easily seen in very early printings, w ( Full Answer )

What does Zambia wish to gain from the close relationship with the US and Obama Administration?

HOW CAN ZAMBIAN ECONOMISTS LEARN FROM FISCAL CLIFF November 20, 2012 | Filed under: Business | Posted by: admin. WHAT CAN ZAMBIAN ECONOMIST LEARN FROM FISCAL CLIFF - USA You're probably hearing a lot about this "fiscal cliff" thing nowadays. But unless you live in DC, work on Wall Street, or sle ( Full Answer )

Why do Zambia have the economy that they do?

Zambia has the economy it does because of persistent government interference in business and agriculture. The country has never managed to recover from the corrupt 28 year regime of Kenneth Kaunda,

Do you capitalize Far East?

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is n ot a proper n ou n.

Does Zambia use local people's skills?

Yes. There are many skilled people in Zambia in all sorts of thingsand those skills are used by them and others who need them.

Is 'the US' capitalized?

'US' must be captialized, but for the 'the' you should onlycapitalize it if it is at the start of a sentence (Eg: The US is abig country).