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491 miles/790 km.

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Q: How far is zurich from London?
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Can you travel to Zurich to London by bus?

You can't. The London Underground and London Buses only go as far as the suburbs.

How far is it from England to Switzerland in miles?

It depends from where in the UK to where in Switerland. Assuming you meant London and Zurich, the answer would be that the distance between London (UK) and Zurich (Switerland) is approximately 780 kilometers (~ 480 miles).

What is the driving distance between London England and Zurich Switzerland?

The total driving distance from London UK to Zurich Switzerland is 628 mi. A road trip from London UK to Zurich Switzerland would take about 10 hours 17 mins.

What is the distance between London and zurich?

629 miles

How far is Zurich from Phoenix?

jog on

How far is it from Zurich Switzerland to Detroit Michigan?

Very far!

What is the distance from London England and zurich Switzerland?

629 miles

How many miles from London UK to Zurich?

592 miles

What is the air mileage distance from London England to Zurich Switzerland?

The air distance from London, England, to Zurich, Switzerland, is 483 miles. That equals 777 kilometers or 420 nautical miles.

How far is Basel from Zurich?

About 1 hour from Zürich HB to Basel SBB. It varies depending on which train you take.