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1.4 cm

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Q: How far off level can an above ground pool be?
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How far does a above the ground pool have to be from property line in the town of brookhaven?

How far does an above ground pool have to be from property line in the town of brookhaven

How many gallons of water in a backyard pool?

How large is the pool? In ground or above ground? Shape? Above ground is easier to calculate. I have an oval above ground pool which is 18 x 38. It holds approx. 15,000 gallons. To get an accurate answer, you need to be far more specific.

When one end of the seesaw is 9 inches above ground the other end is 21 inches above ground how far are the ends above the ground when the seesaw is level?


How far do overhead wires need to be from above ground pool?

ten feet or more is a nice distance.

How far from the ground do most clouds form?

1000 feet above sea level.

what is the approx.cost of a fiberglass pool and is it better than an above ground?

Far superior to an above ground pool, the fiberglass pool is still not cheap. If you install it yourself, depending on the various options, you will spend $12,000-$30,000. Add another $8,000-$20,000 to have it and a concrete barrier installed by a company.

How far above Sea level is niagria Falls Canada?

The ground at the center of Grey Robinson Park in Niagara Falls ON is 667-ft above mean sea level.

How far is the atmosphere from earth?

The atmosphere is from the area just above the ground to 1200 miles above ground

Approximately how far can a 12 gauge sabot slug travel unobstructed when fired level from sitting height?

When fired level (barrel is paralell to ground) slug begins to fall as soon as it leaves the barrel. Assuming ABOUT 3 feet above ground, and that it takes ABOUT 1/10 of a second for a falling object to drop that far, and that slug is moving ABOUT 1900 fps when fired, it should hit the ground at ABOUT 190 ft. This will vary depending on slope of ground, velocity, height above ground- and whether recoil caused the barrel to rise above level.

How far is endinburgh above sea level?

110 metres above sea level

How far above sea level is Buckingham Florida?

9.8′ above sea level

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