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How far should each golf iron go?

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Depends on your strength and ability etc.

2008-07-16 06:03:25
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Q: How far should each golf iron go?
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How far should a 9 iron golf club travel?

Any where from 120-140 and if you crush it I say about 150.

How far should you stand from the golf ball?

Far away.

What is a 9 iron in golf?

A nine iron is a club used from about 40 to 50 yards away all depends on how far you hit the golf ball so if you dont hit it very far probobly 20 to 30 yards

Does heat affect how far a golf ball goes?

Cape Town contain thick air density due to being at low altitued Hit golf ball with 8 iron for distance 120 m Johannesburg contain thin air density due to being at higher altitued Hit golf ball with 8 iron for distance 130m Therefore increase 10m on each iron when visiting JHB to play golf

How far did Sam Snead hit a golf ball with his irons?

About 170 with his 9 iron, it was unbelievable

What golf iron is best for teeing off?

depends who you are, what you play like and how far you want to hit it

How far does each golf club go?

It depends on how hard you throw them!

How far did he hit the golf ball on the moon?

A one handed 6 iron, it went 300 yards.

How far did the golf ball on the moon go?

Apparently it was a one handed 6 iron which went about 300 yards.

How far can a 4 iron or a 4 wood hit a golf ball?

Depending on the ability of the player, a 4 iron would be 180-200 and 4 wood 210-230 yards.

Should you iron permanent press clothes?

Not necessary as far as I know.

How far should a 11 year old hit a golf ball?

100 to 150 yards

How far should a twelve year old boy hit a golf ball?

a 12 year old boy should be able to hit his driver about 180 or farther. 3 wood should go about 150, 3 iron 140 5 iron 130 6 iron 120 7 iron 110 8 iron 100 9 iron 90 PW 80 SW 65 LW 50 I hit my driver 200, 3 iron 150, 8 iron 120 and PW 95. I am 10-11 and i hit a driver 210 yards

In golf When do you use a three club?

3-wood or 3-iron? It depends on how far you hit the ball with that particular club and where your ball currently lies.

How far Golf ball fly?

Not far enough!

How far should a 14 year old drive the golf ball?

190-220 depending on your size.

What county has the most golf courses?

America has the most golf courses! by far

What is a flyer in golf?

Could be when you hit a golf ball higher than you usually do and it goes not as far or maybe as far as your usual distance.

Which ball bounces higher a baseball or a golf ball?

A golf ball would bounce far higher than a baseball. This is because a golf ball has been specifically designed to harness the energy it receives and get the most from it. Imagine how far a golf ball would go if you hit it with a baseball bat- pretty far, and how far a baseball would go if you hit it with a golf club-virtually no where.

How far can the golf gps get a hold of?

Most golf GPS systems can pick up the full size of a golf course. There ar golf GPS systems that have the ability to automatically pick up any golf course that you are on as well as keep track of your score and calculate how far a golf ball will go when hit.

How does science relate to golf?

you use muscles and have to plan different Angles need to guess how far the ball should go.

What is it called when you swing at a golf ball?

From a rules and scoring perspective, each time you swing at the golf ball it's called a "stroke". Every stroke counts (no matter how far or IF the ball moves) for your total score.

How far is Germany from the golf of Mexico?

about 8000km

How far can golf ball go?

you tell me

What causes too much loft on golf shots for example a 6 iron shot with the loft of a 9 iron etc?

You must be opening the club face at impact or else you have the ball too far forward causing a launch that is too high.