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221 feet is the greatest depth..... below are some figures to give you an idea of what depths (literally) they had to go to: Maximum depth below mean sea level

Northern Line, just south of Waterloo station 21.3m (70ft)

Maximum depths below ground level

Deep-level tube lines

Northern Line, Holly Bush Hill, Hampstead 67.4m (221ft)

Sub-surface cut & cover lines

East London Line, Wapping 18.29m (60ft)

Average depths below ground level

Deep level tube lines 24.4m (80ft)

Sub-surface cut & cover lines 7.3m (24ft)

Deepest station

Hampstead 58.5m (192ft) below ground level I hope you enjoy the research, cheers, Skunkfarmer - New Hampshire USA

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Q: How far underground is the London underground?
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