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The Challenger was 74 seconds in-flight when it exploded.

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Q: How far was challenger from launch the launch site when it broke up?
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How far had the space shuttle 'Challenger' gotten before it disintegrated in flight?

The space shuttle had reached a distance of about ten miles (16 kilometers) above the earth, before it broke apart some 73 seconds into its flight.

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Who was the first American to die in space?

As of March 2010, no Americans have died in space. Space is defined as 62 miles above sea level. Several astronauts have died in spaceflight-related disasters. In 1967, the 3-man crew of Apollo 1 died during a fire on the launchpad. In 1986, the 7-member crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger died during launch. Challenger was still far from reaching space. In 2003, the 7-member crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia died during re-entry. By the time the vehicle broke apart, the crew was below the 62 mile mark.

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Where did the Challenger space shuttle explode?

Challenger exploded over the Atlantic Ocean off the coat of Florida, not far downrange from the Kennedy Space Center where it had launched only 73 seconds earlier

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