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Q: How far was the Olmec civilization from the Teotihuacan?
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Which urban center is associated with the Olmec civilization?


Who lived in Mexico before the Aztecs?

Of course: The Aztec civilization, which was destroyed by the Spanish Conquistadores.

Which urban center is associated with olmec civilizations?


Why did the site Teotihuacan fall out of use?

Unknown. The most probable cause is an invasion by Olmec forces. Commonly believed to have been built by the Aztecs, Teotihuacan was built by an unknown civilization which disappeared 800 years before the Aztecs reached the Mexico Valley in the 14th century. The Aztecs named the city as Teotihuacan (City of the Gods), but the actual name of the city and its civilization have been lost in the sands of time.

What was the olmec civilization known for?

The Olmec civilization was well known for the colossal heads featured in their artwork. The Olmec civilization was the first major civilization in what is now Mexico.

What is the oldest know mesoamerican civilization?

the oldest civilization was the OLMEC (:

One of the earliest civilization to develop in theamericas was the?


What pre Colombian civilization first settled in Mexico?

That would be the Olmec, the Teotihuacan and the Maya, who settled in central and southern Mexico 4000 years before first contact with Europeans. They even pre-date the rise of the Aztec civilization (1325 AD).

Why is the olmec culture called the mother civilization of the Americas?

It appears that because many groups of Native peoples learned from the Olmec civilization and they ways of life, building, education and establishment of a "civilization , they were called the "mother civilization" of the Americas.

1200s valley of Mexico civilization?


What civilization was the oldest?

the Olmec civilization is the oldest

How might the Olmec civilizations have influenced later civilization in Mesoamerica?

The olmec civilization have influences civilizations in mesoamerica because the olmec formed the urban civilization in mesoamerica and they had impressive sculptures and buildings