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A young, lean Black bear can reach speeds of over 30MPH very quickly when frightened.

Older and larger bears are not quite so fast but much faster from the start than most humans. Most bears run away and a charge towared you if often a bluff and will stop before reaching you. they sometimes run 49 mph

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How fast do black bears travel?

15 mp

How fast are black bears disappearing?

The population of black bears is actually growing. Several eastern states have seasons now because the population has grown higher than be sustained by the environment. Black bears are also reappearing in east Texas where they have not been seen since the early part of the last century. Black bears are far from endangered.

Are polar bears fast?

Yes, Polar Bears are extremely fast!

Do polar bears grow fast?

POLAR BEARS Polar bears actually grow pretty fast.

Are black bears and bears the same?

Black bears are a species of bear.

Are there black and brown bears in Pennsylvania?

There are black bears, but no brown bears there.

Will black bears eat black bears?

No, but boar bears will eat cubs.

Are black bears vegitarians?

no, black bears are omnivores

What is the black bears pray?

black bears pray

How strong are black bears?

Black bears can do stuff

What is a black Bears niche?

what is a black bears job

How are black bears different from polar bears?

Black bears are black, polar bears are "white" (actually they've got translucent fur). Black bears are found in boreal and temperate forests, whereas polar bears are found in the Arctic on the sea ice. Polar bears are more carnivorous than black bears.

What color is a black bears tongue?

Well, as they are called black bears, a black bears tongue is actually blue.

What do black bears and grizzly bears have in common?

Black bears and Grizzly bears are both bears, they hibernate, are omnivores and live in forests.

Are sun bears aggressive?

Yes, because sun bears are types of black bears and black bears are the most aggressive bears.

Are black bears a predator or prey?

All bears are predators, including black bears.

Are panda bears stronger than black bears?

No, Black Bears are much stronger.

What kind of black bears are herbivores?

Black bears are not herbivores.

Do black bears roar?

Yes, black bears roar.

Are black bears herbivorescarnivoresor omnivores?

Black bears are omnivores.

Why are black bears going in extinct?

Black bears are definitely not going extinct! The population of black bears is very healthy.

Are there any black bears in Illnois?

No. Black bears do live in upper Wisconsin, but there are no bears in Illinois.

What animals do black bears live with?

They live with other black bears

Do black bears have any predators?

Brown bears hunt black bears.

Why are black bears endangered?

Black bears are not endangered in North America.