Black Bears

Black bears are common bear native to North America. They are the smallest bear on the continent.

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Black Bears

What kind food do black bears eat?


Let's get real! We have had black bear for 30 years. They love bird seed and apples best of all. They will not eat your children unless you are careless and tease, provoke or play with their cubs.

Black bear eat many things, including other animals, grubs, berries, some plants. They love anything sweet, including apples and honey.

Black Bears

Are black bears vertebrates?


Black Bears

Do black bears live in Australia?

no, or maybe if they were kept at zoos

Black Bears

Why are black bears important to china?

They are important to the Chinese because they make money. The black bears of the region, nicknamed 'Moon Bears', are often used as a source for bile (produced by the liver but stored in the gall bladder). People and many animals have bile, but the Chinese and others who believe in this traditional/alternative medicine believe that bear bile has medicinal properties.

Originally, bears were hunted for their gall bladders but as bear populations declined and people around the globe protested this, some Chinese began to farm bile by keeping bears alive in cages and taking bile through a tube over time. The bile is taken through a tube surgically implanted through their abdomen, to keep the tube intact, the bears are kept in small cages. Because of the perceived inhumane from pain from the tube, the small cages, etc. many people protest this use. The process causes the bears much pain. There is actually footage of a moon bear trying to gnaw the bars off of the cage so it could escape. This caused the poor bear to loose all of its teeth and get incredibly painful sores and gum diseases. It's really sad.

Proponents believe that fewer wild bears are killed by farming bile because a live bear farmed for bile produces more bile over time than killing it. The demand is such that as more is produced, and the price goes down, more people buy it, so there is still a problem with poaching and killing wild bears.

Black Bears

When is it legal to hunt black bears?

Black bear hunting season varies with location. Be sure to check with your local wildlife and fisheries service to be sure.

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Grizzly Bears
Black Bears

Who would win a fight a grizzly bear or two black bears?

The two black bears would win the fight because they together weigh as much as a grizzly bear, and have bad aggressions. The grizzly bear would injure the two black bears after the two black bears killed the grizzly bear.

Black Bears

Do black bears live in Virginia?

Yes, actually they are.

Black Bears

Why do black bears attack other animals?

Black Bears attack other animals because its the natural way of life and their hungry

Black Bears

Do black bears have arms?

Not like humans do. Their forelegs are considered more legs, not arms.

Black Bears

What is the value of a black bear skin rug?

A 4-5 foot bear hyde with head and front paws costs approximately $600-$700 dollars and 8-10 months to finish. The end value is approximately $1200-$1900. These values are accurate for the Southeastern portion of the US.

Black Bears

What does bear feces look like?

Well no one knows for sure, but some legends say that the bear feces look like Motor Homes.

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Black Bears

Is Charles Moose's first wife Linder Moose black or white?

The first Mrs. Moose is a beautiful African American woman who has morals, values and character...much different than the current Mrs. Moose.

Black Bears

Do black bears live in Russian forests?

The Asian Black Bear lives in Eastern Russia And Parts of Northern China and Japan

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Black Bears

Is 'black line' a danger to the child or his teeth?

It isn't harmful to the child or his teeth. It just needs to be cleaned off, by a professional probably. Then you should take extra care to brush the child's teeth a little longer each time you brush them and brush them at least twice a day. Don't brush harder or use a hard bristle brush. Use a soft bristle brush and brush longer. The child should eventually get rid of the bacteria in his mouth that is causing the staining. Try changing a few things in his diet; less sugar, less caffeine, stuff like that. If you talk with his dentist, they will have better suggestions for you also.

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Black Bears

Who found Florida?

Juan Ponce de Leon of Spain gets credit for that task.

Black Bears

What is the baby name for a black bear?


Black Bears

How much meat do you get from a black bear?

Here is an example of a bear killed in Maine.

Live weight of bear= 330 lbs

Field dressed =280 lbs

Complete dressed= 271 lbs

With head, skin and feet removed = 208 lbs

Packaged meat, steaks, roasts, chops,

stew meat, and grind (sausage)=97 lbs


Packaged meat:

29.4% of Live Weight

34.6% of Field Dressed Weight

35.8% of Complete dressed Weight

46.6% of Dressed and skinned weight.

Hide, Head and Paws:

19.1% of Live Weight

22.5% of Field Dressed Weight

23.2% of Complete dressed Weight

Black Bears

How much do black bears cost?

It is illegal to own a black bear in most jurisdiction.

Black Bears

What are social habits in American Black Bears?

they eat berries for cuybohydrate or watever the heck it is called they are stupid and smart they are tards... lets put it at that... hah

Grizzly Bears
Black Bears

Are grizzly bears and black bears the same species?

NO!!! They are 2 very different species!!

Black Bears

Is it illegal to kill black bears?

Thankfully, yes. It may depend on where you live, but MOST LIKELY, yes.

unless it attacks you then it is legal and recommended

Polar Bears
Black Bears

What are the polar bear's and black bear's similarities?

They can both be higly aggressive and dangerous. Black bears have snouts and sometimes bodies shaped like a polar bear, except that a polar bear is longer, taller, heavier, and much stronger than a black bear or three.

Black Bears

What does forest fires do to American Black Bears?

Forces them to move and change their current habitat. Forest fires are not necessarily bad if they are natural. Animals sense these fires before they get too far and can usually escape quite quickly. American Black Bears can be territorial, but as long as they are not habituated by nearby human development they will easily take flight and just adapt to a slightly different environment.

Black Bears

How old can black bears live up to?

Yamaha Motorcycles
Black Bears

Valve clearance 400 Yamaha bear?

intake is .002 to .004 exhaust is .006 to .008


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