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It depends on what your doing. Probaly not a lot if your just sitting there. but if your in sports you will probaly absorb a lot It depends on what your doing. Probaly not a lot if your just sitting there. but if your in sports you will probaly absorb a lot

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Q: How fast are calories absorbed?
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Calories absorbed in your mouth?

Calories are not typically absorbed in the mouth. Most if not all calories of a particular substance are absorbed in the stomach.

How fast does the body absorb calories?

It depends on the food. If you drink sugary water, the calories are absorbed within minutes. If the calories are in starch, it takes time (hours) to break them down. Calories in protein take longer.

Are calories absorbed in the small intestines?

Calories are not absorbed anywhere in your body. They are, however, burned. We ingest food which has a caloric content, but it is only when the food is digested and absorbed by our digestive tract, mostly in the small intestines, that it becomes available for our cells to use in metabolism. So, in a way, you could say that calories are absorbed in the small intestine, but they are not counted as calories until they are used, either for energy or for storage.

How fast do you need to eliminate the food before any calories are absorbed?

It varies per food. And calories began to be absirbed with some foods, especially those easily broken down and liquids, within minutes of eating it.

How fast is alcohol absorbed?


Is alcohol absorbed by the body fast?


If you vomit after eating are any of the calories extracted from the food?

I read somewhere that some calories will be absorbed. You have to eliminate the food before it hits the intestinal tract. I'm looking for the same answers. How fast do you need to eliminate the food before any calories are absorbed. Usually within 30 minutes. It's not a good idea to do this. By being bulimic you can have malnutrition and dehydration which can lead to electrolyte imbalances and heart arrhythmias.

Can calories be absorbed through skin?

No, only through what you eat.

Do you lose calories when you defecate?

Not really. Once everything you eat gets to that stage, most of the calories have been absorbed into your body .

How many calories can you poop?

Once food has reached that point, all of the calories have been absorbed. You don't get rid of the calories when you use the bathroom (be it naturally or by using laxatives).

How much heat is absorbed by the evaporation of water?

540 calories per gram

If you throw up will you still get the calories?

Depending on how long you wait after consuming the product, you will not keep the calories. However, if you wait for 30 minutes, then yes, you will have absorbed some of those calories.

Why does fast food have calories?

Because everything we eat or drink, except for water, has calories.

How much energy is absorbed when 23.1 moles of water vaporize?

540 calories per gram is absorbed when water vaporizes at its boiling point. Called the latent heat of vaporization. 540 x 23.1 x 18 = 224532 calories

What is the growing importance of fast food?


What is the energy value of 1 g of absorbed fat?

1g of fat contains 9 calories. 1g of carbohydrates contains 4 calories. 1g of protein contains 4 calories. 1g of alcohol contains 7 calories.

How quick do you have to eliminate calories before they are absorbed?

You cannot eliminate calories before they are absorbed. The only way to get rid of the calories is to burn them off once they are absorbed. Anything you put in your stomach will be absorbed sooner or later as it moves through your intestines. Your body then uses the calories to function (breathe, pump blood, etc) and uses whatever you burn up in exercise. Any remaining calories not used turn to fat. Therefore the best way to burn off calories is to make sure that you are not binging. Regular exercise means you are constantly burning the calories just consumed. And eating small amounts of calories throughout the day will mean your body is using them up constantly. If you go on a binge and eat lots of calories in one hit, your body cannot burn them all and therefore they are put on as fat. It is best to burn off what you have eaten within 24 hours (which is about the time it takes to move through your intestines).

If an endothermic process absorbs 263 Joules how many kilo-calories are absorbed?


If you are trying to stay under 1000 calories do the calories in drinks count if you don't eat?

Yes. Calories are calories, it doesn't really matter where they come from. In fact, sugar in liquids are often absorbed more quickly, leaving you more hungry.

How do you lose calories fast?

By exercising and staying active.

How fast do people burn calories?

It depends what they dooooooo

How can you burn 200 calories fast?

Water exercise

How fast you burn calories is called?

...your metabolic rate.

What does metabolism mean in simple?

How fast you can burn calories

How much calories do burgers have?

Burgers will tend to have a lot of calories, especially fast food burgers. Probably around 300-400 calories.