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With stock gearing 250 SX is 72 mph

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how fast can a 250cc quad go

top speed of 250cc motorbike about 100 mph

Really fast acceleration average top speed around 50

Not as fast as a GSX-R1000

A KTM 250sx is the worlds fastest 250 2 stroke dirtbike.

90 to 100 depending who is riding

A ktm 65sx will go about 43 but with fmf pipes it will go close to 50

65cc: ktm and kawasaki are best 85cc: Honda, ktm and Yamaha are best 125cc: Yamaha and suzuki are best 250cc: Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda are best 450cc: Honda, kawasaki and Yamaha.

Around 60 mph, its not how fast, but how fast you get there.

The KTM sx is fast but the yfz is the best for what I do, what kind of riding do you do?

Can't answer that one, to many variables.

Extreamly fast, my friend got clocked at 90mph

how fast does 250cc Orion dirt bike go

depends but agri atv goes at 40

Probably faster than a 150cc kart

it'll do about 80 or 85

faster than a ktm 65sx !!

the ktm 65 sx goes 60mph and its faster then the other 65s

ktm dont suck they got all hydraulic clutches and brakes so who put that is dumb. a ktm 85cc will go bout 65-70.

Depending on the make and model, Between 90 and 120 Kph.

Yes, you just won't go as fast.

Stock it will be in the 100-105 mph range.

A 450 shoud be 90 to mid 90s

um a 100cc ktm would smoke a 110cc some people say but i would say 89-99