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  • 40-50mph
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Q: How fast can snow leopards run?
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How fast can snow leopards run in the mountains?

They can run 40-50 mph

How fast do snow leopards run in one lap?

they run up to 30 miles per hour

How fast can a snow leopards run?

Between 35 and 40 miles per hour.

Is it hard to find snow leopards?

yes it probably is hard to find a snow leopard as they can run as fast as a normal leopard

What do snow leopards do a lot?


What can leopards do?

run fast

Why do leopards have to run fast?

their prey is fast

Why are snow leopards fast?

cause hey dude

How fast are snow leopards?

Snow leopards are being threatened for their beautiful pelts. There are less than 2 thousand left.

Do snow leopards run in packs?

No, snow leopards are solitary animals. They sometimes hunt in pairs, especially mating pairs.

How fast are clouded leopards?

Clouded leopards can run up to 45 mph.

How do snow leopards run?

by moving there legs forwards and backwards

How fast can a lepoard run?

Leopards can run about 35-40 mph.

When does a leopard reproduce?

how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce?

Where do snow leopards get their water?

Snow leopards get water from the snow.

How fast can a black leopard run?

leopards black leopards and cougars can run at a top speed of about 40 mp/h.

How fast is a leopard pounce?

Really, it depends on the snow leopard. Probably really fast. If this helps, snow leopards can leap 14 meters! :)

How long can snow leopards run?

Snow leopards can only run at high speeds for very short distances. They are not long distance runners and generally only sprint for several hundred yards.

How fast can a leopards run?

80 miles per hour

Why are snow leopards different from rainforest leopards?

Leopards and Snow Leopards are entirely different species. Snow leopards aren't related to leopards- they are actually more closely related to cheetahs.

Can snow leopards roar?


Why are snow leopards hunted?

snow leopards are hunted for their fur.

Are snow leopards faster than a horse?

no because horses can go as fast as a car

Why are snow leopards called snow leopards?

well,they are white like snow, live in snowy mountains, and they're leopards!

Where do the snow leopards live?

snow leopards live in central my butt