How fast can the average man run the mile?

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Men at the gym typically have their treadmill set to about 7 miles per hour, or 8:30 minutes per mile. They can probably run faster if they try, maybe 8.5 miles per hour if they pushed it. Very few gymrats can run 9 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour is much harder.

The gymrats are usually in better shape than average couch potato: the average man probably can't run a mile at all, or possibly an 11-12 minute mile.

Olympic runners can do < 4:00 minute miles. Champion marathon runners do 4:45 minute miles. A very good, but not professional, marathon runner can do a mile in 5-6 minutes. A good time for a recreational runner in a marathon is 4 hours, which is 9+ minute miles.

30% of the US is obese (30+ pounds overweight) . 200,000+ people a year are so overweight that they have surgery to shrink their stomachs. Like those people on "The Biggest Loser", almost none of them can run a mile. Walking a mile takes 20-30 minutes. Some people can't even do that.
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How fast can a man run?

In the 2008 Olympics Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.69 seconds which is an average of about 23 mph and he reached a top speed of about 27 mph. He is the fastest man in the world so no one else has ran that fast before, but im guessing an average athletic man could sprint at about 22 or 23 mph. Again ( Full Answer )

How do you run a fast mile?

To run a very fast 5-6 min mile you need "pace change". It is scientifically proven that changing your pace (running a small part of the mile, then slowing down the other; then going faster again etc.) gives your body a sudden jolt every now and than, and saves energy every time you slow down. What ( Full Answer )

How fast does the average person run?

The average high school student runs a speed of 15 mph. This all depends on how fit the person is. Most generally a person's speed will depend on how much physical activity the person engages in per day. Most adults can run at about 7 mph in a short distance. That would be at top speed. If the same ( Full Answer )

How fast can the average male run a mile?

If the average male could run a mile in 6 minutes, that would put the speed at 10 MPH. 5 minutes, 12 MPH 4 minutes, 14 MPH and so on

How fast does the average dog run?

There's no such thing as an "average dog". There are different breeds of dogs and the breed determines how fast they run so there isn't really an answer to your question.

How fast can an average person run?

Most adults can run at about 7 mph in a short distance. That would be at top speed. If the same person ran a mile it would probably take about 30 to40 minutes depending if they are tired or fully energized.

How fast can the average man run?

The average man can run at 10-12 miles per hour, which is about thebeginning speed of a person riding a bike (8mph-12mph)

How fast can an average man run?

The fastest times have been recorded around 27 to 28 mph. As for "average", what does that mean in a vast, varying world? ... and does it mean only for 21 year-olds, or 61 year-olds?? ... etc., etc. However, I would think that even young men would not 'average' 20 mph.

How fast can the average teenage boy run a mile?

So much depends on how fit and how fat this "average " boy is. If they havent done any training and they are fairly slim then anything from 7-9 minutes. A good teenage runner (fit and probably member of a running club) could do it in approx 5mins.

Running a fast mile?

Run the first lap the slowest, speed it up a lot on the 2nd lap, work the hardest on the 3rd lap, and do your best on the last lap (sprint the last 100 meters).

What is the average time for a mile run by a man?

7 to 9 minutes is what you would get if you had done no prior running or are not in shape. 5 to 6 minutes is what you would get if you were in shape or had some prior running. Sub 5 minute miles are serious runners.

What is the Average time for average man running 5 miles?

I don't know about average but a respectable time for a man would be in the 9 minutes/mile range. Sub 9 being the eventual goal. I'm sure that's above average. But the average American walks 300 yard a day so...

How fast do you need to run 1.84 miles to average an 815 mile?

To average 8 minutes and 15 seconds per mile, you would need to complete 1.84 miles in 15:10.8. There are 495 seconds in 8:15 (8*60+15)=495 seconds. 495 seconds * 1.84 = 910.8 seconds. 910.8/60 = 15 minutes with remainder of 10.8 seconds

How fast can a average man run?

30 mph Not likely. Even olympic sprinters don't get much faster than that. To find out how fast an average man can run just yell "free beer" at a tailgate party and then time how long it takes them to get there.

How fast does the average 12 year old run a mile?

In my middle school we run the mile once a week. (when the weather's OK). I'd say the faster boys in 7th grade run about 7 minutes and most boys run 8:00-8:30 min. Most girls run 8:00-9:00. I'm a twelve year old girl and I run in the late 8s. We're graded on our times and I get a high B, and 8-8.5 i ( Full Answer )

How fast can an average horse run?

The average horse runs about 35 to 40mph from what I've heard. Thouroughbreds run about 45mph and over short distances, Quarter horses have been clocked at 57 mph.

How fast is the average man?

Well it depends on how far you're running for 100m probably around 13-18s so yeah but 200m 24-30s.

How fast can the average teenager run?

It really depends on what you mean by average and the average of what demographic. The average American is overweight or obese so they may not run very fast. If you mean a fairly fit teenage boy or girl it varies. Some are more athletic than others. I'm a physically fit teenage boy and I cannot give ( Full Answer )

How fast can the average 48 year old man run a mile?

I'm a competitive runner aged 48 and believe the answer to this question varies wildly. If you went to a neighborhood 5K race and asked all the 48 year old men how fast they can run a mile, you would probably hear anything from 5:30 to 7:30 minutes. If you went to a National Master's Track & Field C ( Full Answer )

How fast run man?

me don't know me only hulk me no know how human man run me run 5000 miles per hour

How fast can the average man sprint?

The average man can sprint 15. 9 miles per hour. The record holderfor the fastest 100 meter is Usain Bolt. He ran at a foot speed of27. 44 miles per hour.

How fast can Spider-Man run?

Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider, therefore giving himthe speed of a spider. the fastest spider can go 330 times it'slength in 10 seconds. since spiderman is around 5'11, that makeshim about 5.9 feet tall. and 5.9 times 330 comes out to be 1947feet every ten seconds. multiply times 6 to ( Full Answer )

How fast can foxes run on average?

foxes cant run that fast because they dont really need to run that fast foxes have ons and offs like if they are running after prey its 39 mph but if they are running from predator its 33 mph because everytyme i look at this website on foxes and it says top speed is 39 mph i dont think foxes need to ( Full Answer )

How fast can the average woman run?

10 to 15 km per hour a average woman can run.I am not saying about sports woman who has 20 times more speed than normal. Generally taller woman can run faster than the woman of lower height.

Averag 4 mile run for 45 year man?

The US Army standard for men ages 42-47 is no slower than 18:45 for two miles. This breaks down to a 9:22 mile, which can be achieved by a man of average fitness. I have seen 45 year old men run 6 minute miles. Age has no factor on speed over fact it probably helps as running is 7 ( Full Answer )

What is the fasted time to run a mile?

The fastest mile run by a human being was run in 3 minutes and 43.13 seconds by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco, on July 7, 1999 in Rome Italy.

How fast do average dogs run?

Breeds determine how fast they run, there's no such thing as an "average dog". A more specific answer would be.. Example Question: How fast does the average (specific kind of breed) run?

How fast should a forty seven year old man run the mile?

Depending on your level of fitness, a 47 year old man in relatively good shape, and running on a regular basis, should run a mile in 7 1/2 to 9 minutes. If it takes you longer, you need to run more often and further than 1 mile. See runners world for great tips and good luck.

Why man can not run fast on the moon?

Because of Gravity and other things, in outer space you float, so that would make it extremley hard for people to run as you would run in the air. That's why on TV if they film someone in a rocket they are always floating. Hope that helps :)

How fast can the fast man run a mile?

Assuming you mean "What is the fastest mile ever run?" The record had been lowered to 3:43.13, by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco in 1999.

How fast can a man on a train run?

the answer is relative.. if you are standing on the same train, for you the man will be running as fast as it would do on the ground. If you are standing on the ground, then his speed relative to you will be the composition of the train speed + his speed. to make it more interesting.. think n ( Full Answer )

How fast should average 51 year old male run a mile?

As fast as you would like. Listen to your body. Start off slow if you are a beginner and gradually build up. Join a running club and run with likewise people. The main thing is to enjoy it.