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Q: How fast can the french bullet train go?
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How fast does the bullet train go?

The Japanese bullet train, or Shinkahansen, can move at a speed of 300+km/h

How fast dose the bullet train go?

217 Mph

How fast can a bullet train go?

The fastest so far is the TGV in France, where a train reached about 357 mph for a limited time.Japan has the world record at 581km per hour. A modern Japanese Bullet Train can go 333km per hour. The french TGV can go at 343km per hour. But the fastest bullet train is the Chinese bullet train. It goes 487km per hour.

How fast can the bullet train go in japan?

i think 200km/h

How fast can a bullet train go'?

At least over 200 miles per hour.

What makes a bullet train go so fast?

The primary thing that makes a bullet train go so fast is its low friction and aerodynamic design. Some even use magnets to allow them to float in the air for more speed.

How does the bullet train go fast?

The track is very smooth and precisely positioned. The train is streamlined. The engine is powerful and it is good for the earth!

How does aerodynamics help a bullet train to go fast?

The reduction of airflow across the surface of the train will help facilitate the train's speed by the reduction of the trains resistance to airflow .

How fast can a bullet go?

rilly fast

How fast bullet train run?

400 km/h is the fastest bullet trains go. Youtube I saw the commet say 500 mph i dont think it was going that fast. 430 kph

How fast does a bnsf train go?

how fast can bnsf train go.

Does a bullet or a bullet train go faster?

Depending on the bullet, 9mm goes slower than it, but a 45-50cal.

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