How fast can you run lipids into a peripheral line?

Tough question, lipids are isotonic, they can be delivered by both PICC, or other central venus line, and by peripheral line. I have found this information: According to Intravenous infusion therapy for nurses: principles & practice by Dianne L. Josephson: The usual dosage of parenteral lipids should not exceed 2.5 g/kg, with carbohydrate and amino acids comprising the remaining caloric input. The initial rate of lipid infusion should be 1mL/min for the first 15 to 30 minutes of infusion. The rate may then be increased to 2 mL/min. No more than 500 ml should be administered to an adult in the first 24 hours of therapy. Thereafter, the rate should not exceed 2.5g/kg/day. Watch for destabilization of lipid emulsion by excessive acidity and improper electrolyte content. I hope this helps