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bruises take about 2 days to fade in color if you switch off between ice and heat every 20 to30 minutes

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Diseases no. However it can be used to heal or help bruises and broken bones depending on how serious the injury is.

For small bruises, it is sufficient to leave them to heal themselves. For larger bruising, applying cold before the first 24 hours will help prevent bruising, then heat after 24 hours will dissapate the bruise.

Get some typical brown tea (orange pekoe) bags, wet them, and put them on your bruises. Soak your bruises in these. The tannic acid in the tea will help the bruises heal a lot faster. This works for any bruises.

They need leaches so they can heal bruises.

Generally within minutes.

Just wait tongues heal remarkably fast. Tongues heal faster than any part of your body. They heal fast.

No, hickies are not dangerous. They are ugly and unsightly but will not harm you in the long run. They are bruises and will heal.

Bruises heal themselves in just a few days without treatment. Over-the-counter pain reliever, and, if there is noticeable swelling, an ice pack, is all you need.

Yes. Carrot juices are able to heal mostly any problems in your body, bruise and all. Carrot juice can also heal acne, cancer, and many other ailments.

It can make you feel better but the only way to cure a bruise is to allow time to heal it.

You can heal it fast by putting first aid cream or vaseline on it (cover it completely) and in a couple of days it will be good as new.

It depends on how fast you heal for me it takes one month

Wait for one week and it will heal itself on its own. But to lighten them rub coco butter on them daily.

try rubbing some arnica cream on it, or you can take arnica tablets to heal it internally.

no, SSD is not used for the help of is only for 2nd or 3rd degree can only get it by perscription..the only thing i know that will help with bruising is to let it be and let it heal on its own..

Foods rich in Vitamin E as well as Vitamin E supplements do help bruises heal faster. Vitamin E works together with Vitamin C to repair damaged tissue, as in the case of bruising.

Bruises take time to heal. Elevation and ice will help somewhat. With a foot, the best medicine is to not injure it further. Don't take aspirin, Motrin, or Aleve; these will all increase bruising. Don't do things that make it hurt, like hiking, cross country running, etc. Wear comfortable shoes and clean socks.

depends on age health and circulation

put ice on it for a long time

sometimes a banana peel does heal your bruises but not all the time .....the bruise has to be a light bruise not a black nd bruise worked for me but go ahead nd try it so good luck! :)

It depends on how long they were hurt until they were treated.

Thick of it like this: all that protects your internal organs, muscles, and bones, is a thin layer of cells and hair. Skin has to heal fast in order to protect the inner body.

One sentence with the word "bruises" is; Kim has a lot of bruises after her bike wreck.

Vitamin A helps your body clear/heal bruises, cuts, pains & etc. Vitamin A is found in fruits of all kinds and shapes and sizes.

Bruises itch because to heal, the body causes swelling and inflammation. That can cause itchy bruises.If you got bitten by a bug or spider, the bite can cause a bruise and the bite can itch. Use a tiny bit of anti-itch cream in dabs on each one.

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