Bruises (contusions)

Bruises are formed when an impact on the skin breaks capillaries and causes bleeding into skin tissue while the skin does not break. Bruises change color over time as the body begins to heal itself. In most cases, it takes a bruise about 2 weeks to repair itself.

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Bruises (contusions)

Two weeks on my new tattoo is still slightly tender feeling a bit like a bruise other than that its completely healed. is this normal?

Probably. Tenderness is both common and expected. A tattoo is truly an open wound at first (due to the hundreds to thousands of tiny holes poked through your skin) that typically takes about a month to fully heal. Even after the scab falls off, it's still healing.

Being direct, unless it's swollen, cracked, bleeding, or oozing pus (the opaque, greenish-gray stuff and not the clear, yellowish stuff), you're probably fine. If you're still concerned, best to go see your tattoo artist right away. He/She's a pro (hopefully) and will know lots of answers. If you're still dissatisfied, be respectful to your artist and then go see a doctor.

Bruises (contusions)

Black and blue from armpit down arm?

You have either AIDS pr have been severly bashed in your sleep

Bruises (contusions)

What could have caused a knot directly behind your right ear that feels like a bruise when you touch it?

Please talk to your doctor.

Bruises (contusions)

What does it mean you beat him black and blue?

Means beating mercilessly until the skin gets shaded with the bruise

Bruises (contusions)

Can a new uncomfortable mattress cause bruises on the lower spine?

They are not really bruises but a foam topper will be a big help.

Bruises (contusions)

Why does a phone book not leave a bruise when using it with a punch?

The impact is spread out over a larger area

Any impact to soft tissue will leave a mark of some sort, in this case it wont look like a fist but a large flat bruise.

It is for the most part a movie myth used in cases where the police want to rough up a suspect but not leave incriminating marks, and only a myth.

There is no way to issue a beating without leaving signs of that beating, forecsic science has progressed to the point that they can figure out exactly what was used.

Assault is a serious crime, it is a felony and therefore carries a mandatory jail sentence so live and let live.

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Bruises (contusions)

What is English meaning of beating black and blue?

If by 'black and blue' you mean a violent term, then it basically means beating someone or something (?) until it's bruised.

Bruises (contusions)

What is the Difference between bruises and black-eyes?


A bruise, also called a contusion, is a injury caused by a serious impact but does not rupture the skin It is a form of internal bleeding, the purple, green, blue or whatever color your bruise is, is from the blood cells gathering under your skin in that injured area to fix the problem and stop the internal injury.

A black eye is just a kind of bruising around the eye commonly due to an injury to the face rather than an eye injury. The name is given due to the color of bruising. The so-called black eye is caused by bleeding beneath the skin and around the eye. Sometimes a black eye indicates a more extensive injury, even a skull fracture, particularly if the area around both eyes is bruised (raccoon eyes) or if there has been a head injury.

Although most black eye injuries aren't serious, bleeding within the eye, called a hyphema, is serious and can reduce vision and damage the cornea.

Bruises (contusions)

What is an easy method for getting rid of bruises?

Bruises are formed from pooled blood beneath the skin.

When the bruise first appears as an injury, people use ice to reduce swelling and inflammation, but that is only for the first twenty-four hours. After that, heat is used to stimulate circulation and, thus, promote healing. This is common medical practice.

Heat treatments should consist of hot water applied by either soaking the bruise, or, if it is not possible to submerge the bruised area, then apply a hot water compress to the area. The temperature of the water should be comfortably hot, never scalding.

Bruises (contusions)

What do you call somebody who bruises easily?

I don't believe there is a medical term for an "easy bruiser".

Bruises (contusions)

What is the diagnosis code for left forehead contusion?

ICD-9: 920

Bruises (contusions)

What part of your body bruises the easiest?

Bruises are consequence of a contusion and its posterior inflammatory response. This inflammation is influenced by the amount of blood and fat surrounding the area of the contusion. In this case abdominal area and upper limbs have a tendency to bruises easier.

Bruises (contusions)

Is spanking a child with a belt without leaving marks or bruises is against the law in michigan?

actually i am so sorry i don't know the answer

Bruises (contusions)

Can you bruise your self?

Yes. You can bruise yourself by squeezing your arm really hard, or by bumping into a door or the corner of a table.

Bruises (contusions)

How bruises form?

Business form when blood Vessles break due to a hard blow or puncture to the skin. Therefore the blood seeps out until it begins to clot

Bruises (contusions)

Hard lump on forehead left after a bruise why?

It's because you touch yourself at night!

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Bruises (contusions)

Can you bruise your eyeball?

Yes. Believe it or not, it is possible to bruise your eyeball. Rubbing your eyes too much or even poking your eye with your finger on accident can cause a bruise. However, this bruise is not visible. If it is not accompanied by other symptoms then it is most likely a bruise. Please be sure to visit your physician if the pain persists, or if the pain is accompanied by other symptoms.

Bruises (contusions)

Is it suspicious to find bruises on the tops of a 4-year-old's feet after a weekend visitation with the non-custodial parent?

Yes he's probably hitting the child on the foot to no show obvious abuse. I would photo and report. If bruises are consistant and happen every time he/she goes, then it is suspicious. But at 4 years old, they are active and could have stubbed it on something. You should ask "what happened to your foot" and let them tell the story. Never ask if their parent hurt them, they will just tell you what you want to hear whether it is true or not. Don't be so quick to photo and report, it could be nothing. Does the other parent have a history of abuse? Be careful of what you accuse them of, it could be completely innocent and it could be damaging without real cause. depends, was the child wearing sandals during the visitation? if not, then be suspicious Sandles or no sandles, it doesn't matter. It was a weekend visit, I am sure he took his shoes off at some point.

Bruises (contusions)

Why don't black people get bruises?

Black people do, in fact, get bruises. So the question of "why" is invalid. However, since some are darker than others, it can sometimes be more difficult to see.

Bruises (contusions)

A bruise turns black and blue because?

because the bruise is blood under the skin..and the blood cells break down and realease chemicals that causes your skin to turn black and blue

Bruises (contusions)

How do you heal a bruise?

== == * If you leave it alone it should heal on it's own. Also, icing the bruise will help keep swelling down. Take pain relievers to ease pain. == == * Whenever I get a a bruise I ice it immediately or as soon as possible and then I use rubbing alcohol to remove the purplelish-bluish color. * The best thing I have ever found to take the bruise away is toothpaste. For some reason toothpaste will draw out a bruise, take the color away and help with the pain. It works on Hickys too. If you put toothpaste on a hicky overnight it will be gone in the morning. * I tend to get small bruises quite often. Once in a while I will get large bruises that are an eyesore. Applying ice compresses is a good idea. * I bruise easily and use homeopathic Arnica cream which helps reduce swelling. * Homeopathic Arnica tablet taken orally or Arnica cream applied locally to the bruised area is excellent for reducing bruising and swelling after an injury or surgical procedure. Arnica works equally well for animals. It works so well that in the UK and India (for example) many surgeons give Arnica before and after surgery. Arnica as a homeopathic remedy can be purchased from any good health store.

Bruises (contusions)

Why Heavy drinkers bruise easily?

Yes because they fall alot

SecondAnswer: Lack of Vitamin C (and other essential vitamins & minerals- especial Vitamin E, K and mineral zinc). Alcohol damages the lining of the stomach and intestines not allowing these organs to extract nutrients from food. Vitamins help in the production of collagen and other cell structure builders, which keeps your blood vessels strong. Weakened blood vessel rupture and cause bruising.
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Bruises (contusions)

What could cause a scab on your leg with a black and blue bruise around it?

Please see your doctor as soon as you can. It could be anything from a bug bite (the problem is, what type of bug or spider bite) to other problems due to circulatory problems within the leg. If you are 35 years and younger this is highly doubtful. If you were out drinking the night before or even playing sports you may remember hurting yourself. It's best to have it checked out by your doctor. Meanwhile, bath it with epsom salt, put a clean bandage on it to keep your clothing from rubbing on the scab. Usually a scab means you are healing, but unless the bruise is starting to turn yellow (a healing sign) get to the doctor. Its an impact wound that was hard enough to break the skin. It should go away in a few weeks. You could have hit a coffee table and not remembered it, or sleepwalked. The scab should fall off in a couple days. Dont pick it off, its natures bandaid and keeps the wound from any infection.

Bruises (contusions)

Why would a lump form in your leg in the spot where you previously had a bruise?

its proubly just reacting to were hit it

Bruises (contusions)

Why do I have bruises on my skin where my kidneys are?

This may not be the "Best Answer" that you want want to hear.

Your Kidney is an important part of your body.

My suggestion would be to, Go to the Doctors as soon as Possible.


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