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Wind speeds at Viking site in summer 2 to 7 m/s (5 to 16 mph)

Wind speeds at Viking site in fall 5 to 10 m/s (11 to 22 mph)

Wind speeds at Viking site in a dust storm 17 to 30 m/s (38 to 67 mph)

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How fast does the winds blow on Mars?

800+ km per hour

Are there winds on Mars?

Yes, there are winds on mars. any planet with an atmosphere has winds.

How fast did the winds go in Hurricane Katrina?

Hurricane Katrina had peak winds of 175 mph.

Why did Mars become dry and lifeless?

mars once had 2 moons. the bigger moon circles mars. it protected mars from solar winds. it crashed into mars. it was vulnerable to solar winds.

When people can travel to Mars?

When people can make their rocket as fast as light, then they can go to the Mars.

How fast do tornado winds go?

It varies widely. The weakest have winds of about 65 mph, while the strongest have winds over 300 mph.

How fast do Jupiter's winds go?

more than 200 mph.

If there is no atmosphere on Mars how can there be winds?

There IS atmosphere on Mars. It's quite thin compared to Earth's, but it's substantial enough for winds to occur.

In the great red spot on Jupiter how fast dose the winds go?

The winds on 'The Great Red Spot' can get up to 400mi. an hour.

How fast does Mars go?

Mars can go faster than 45 miles per hour. The faster it spins the more it gets colder.

How fast does mars go around the sun per hour?


How fast can Hurricane Katrina go?

Hurricane Katrina had peak winds of 175 mph

How fast are the winds in the south pole?

Very Fast

How fast do thunderstorms winds rotate?

very fast

How fast where winds in the dust bowl?

They said it could go around 40mph... Even more!

How fast does a tropical storm go?

Tropical storm winds range are 39-73 mph.

What is currently responsible for shaping Mars surface?


What is the cause of winds on Mars?

because it has a dense atmosphere:)

What are some of the conditions on mars?

high winds, rocky

Does Mars have strong wind?

Mars does not have a strong winds but many other planets such as Mercury and Jupiter.

How fast does the speed of sound go from mars to earth?

No way! There is vacuum where no sound can travel.

How fast does Mars orbit the sun?


How fast does a hurricanes wind speed go?

By definition, a hurricane has sustained winds of at least 74 mph. Suastained winds as high as 195 mph have been recorded.

Why does Mars not have as many craters as the Moon?

Mars, unlike the Moon, has an atmosphere and strong winds which erode craters.

Are winds of 27 MPH fast?

Depends, yes for sailing, no for storm winds.

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