How fast do photons travel?


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Photons, our word for the properties of light that make it seem particle-like, are massless and travel about 186,000 miles per hour in a vacuum.


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the photons travel outward from a light source in all directions.

Photons travel outward from a light bulb in all directions.

Photons travel outward from a light bulb in all directions

No, photons do not have weight. Photons are particles, made pure out of energy, which travel at the speed of sound.

Photons do travel in a straight path. To a person observing the photons though they will appear to be curved because of the gravitational field.

Speed is how fast something moves. Light is a form of energy carried by massless photons, these photons move at the speed of light, which is the fastest speed that anything in the universe can travel.

If they have room to travel (e.g., you shine the flashlight towards the sky), they can travel on indefinitely.

Photons travel at the speed of 3 x 108m/s and nothing in the universe can't cross this limit. So, photons also can not be accelerated.

Electricity can travel through a vacuum by physically transporting electrons and photons.

Light travels in a vacuum as waves of photons. They do not need a medium in which to travel.

Germs travel as fast as their hosts travel. If they are on a slow host, they will travel slowly. If they are on a fast host, they will travel quickly.

Light is composed of photons that travel in a beam. Photons are regarded to have no mass. In conclusion, light is energy - not matter.

How fast does a spaceship travel

Yes, they do. But they sometimes travel a straight line through bent space.

Possibly. Photons have no age because they travel so fast. It is believed that a few certain subatomic particles (called neutrinos) can go faster than Photons, therefore they can go back in time. There are a couple websites you can look at that are all about neutrinos. Google neutrinos, and you will get many, many results.

Photons">PhotonsThey owe their speed due to the lack of mass. More infos in the Discussions Page. ORLight">LightThey are also fast. They travel at the speed of 186,000 miles per hour. The light of the Sun can reach the Earth within 8 minutes.

yes, they travel fast.

You don't. The only objects that can travel at the speed of light are those that ONLY travel at that speed, like photons or gravitons.

Light exists as tiny "packets" called photons. These photons exhibit both the properties of waves and particles. since it acts like a particle it can travel without a medium.

Photons are electromagnetic radiation that propagate at the speed of light (c, approximately 3*10^8m/s) and have both a wave and a particle nature.

Yes, they travel some fast!

about as fast as light

As fast as they want to.

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