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How fast do plates move?


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Not quite fast, just a few centimeters per year. Its equivalent to the rate of fingernail growth.
well it depends on the plate some move 1 inch a year others 12 inches a year


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lithosperic plates move fast why do you think we cant see it happining?

they move as fast as your fingernails grow

The earth's plates move slowly because how big the earthquake is he bigger the amount the plates will move and the slower the earthquake is the less it moves.

plates move around the speed of how fast your nails grow

2.5 centimeters per year

2.5 centimeters per year

tectonic plates mover SUPER SLOW usually on a couple of centimeters a year

i think it because of how fast the earthquake moves so people do not have time to go and watch the plates move!

between 2.5cm/year and 15cm

Tectonic plates move very slowly, but earthquakes are quite sudden. So, there are elements of slow change and fast change. Continental drift is slow.

Tectonic plates move about the same rate that finger nails or your hair grows (centimeters per year). However, it varies from plate to plate. Some move at 3 centimeters while other's move around 6.

The continents are always moving on top of vast tectonic plates. They move at a rate similar to how fast a human's fingernails grow. Every year they move a few centimeters more.

yes the plates can move slowly

Tectonic plates move in the lithosphere.

No, there are several more plates than continents (twelve I think) and the plates include both oceans and land. Earthquakes are the result of plates moving, but don't worry, plates do not move fast, only about a centimeter a year.

Mountains move by the plates under the earth moving. When plates move, often tsunamis and earthquakes happen. Mountains move 1 cm per year when the plates move!

AnswerAccording to the USGS, the plates along the San Andrea fault move about 1.7in per year.

This varies from plate to plate. Some move at about the speed your fingernails grow, some much faster.

Convergent plates move toward one another

Plates move around on top of the asthenosphere like raft

Plates move because the the crust is in a higher elevation, therefore the crust is on top of the oceanic crust so that is why plates move.

Tectonic plates can move in 1000 ways!

the plates move apart because of plate boundaries !:)

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