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It depends on the kind of the solid

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How do water and salt dissolve together?

Sodium does go into solution with H20, but Pure Water is also a perfect insulator, therefore the answer is salt will dissolve into a water based solution, but water does not dissolve into salt.

Is a plant in a water a solution?

Plant does not dissolve in water so it cannot be a solution

Is pepper and water a solution?

Pepper and water is not a solution, it is a mixture because the pepper will not dissolve. If you're wondering if salt and water is a solution, it is because it's the solution saltwater and the salt does dissolve unlike the pepper.

Why is a mixture of clay and water not a solution?

The clay does not dissolve in the water. To be a solution the solute must completely dissolve in the solvent, like salt dissolved in water.

An aqueous solution is a solution in which some ionic solutes dissolve in water or is it some molecular solutes dissolve in water?

An aqueous solution is one where water is the solvent. The nature of the solute is not relevant.

Why does a sugar dissolve in tea?

Sugar is water soluble, meaning it will dissolve in water or any water based solution, provided that solution has not reach maximum solubility.

Why starch does not dissolve in water?

if we dissolve a starch in water it forms a colloidal solution and the particle size is much larger to completely dissolve in water

How fast does sugar dissolve in water and how fast salt dissolve in water?

The amount of time and speed it takes to dissolve sugar in water and dissolve salt in water depends on the amounts of salt and sugar, the amount of water, and the temperature of the water. The approximate time needed to dissolve the sugar and salt in water is 25 minutes.

Is a mixture of pepper and water a solution?

No, pepper does not dissolve in water so this is a mixture not a solution.

Why when adding flour to water it does not dissolve?

Because wheat is not water soluble. It can only mix with water, not dissolve in solution.

Is sand in water a solution?

No. The sand does not dissolve.

How do you form sand and water solution?

Sand grains will not dissolve in water. Therefore, sand and water can not form a solution. Salt and water can make a (saline) solution, because the salt crystals will dissolve completely into the water.

Why does salt dissolve in a salt water solution?

If more salt will dissolve in a saltwater solution, it is for the simple reason that there is more 'room' for more salt to dissolve. Salt will only dissolve in salt water solutions which have not reached salt saturation.

Why does water dissolve a pill faster than soda?

It doesn't. Water can dissolve the pill fast, but not as fast as soda because of all the acids in soda.

How does adding water to a saturated solution make it all dissolve?

When you add water to the saturated solution, there is more solvent to dissolve the solute. The saturated solution becomes diluted, so it is no longer saturated.

What is solution for transportation in geography?

is when the rocks dissolve in the water

Does sulfur dissolve in water to produce an alkaline solution?

No. However it will dissove in water to produce an acidic solution :)

What changes does dissolving sugar in water have?

sugar dissolve in water to give a colourless solution but if sugar put in excess will not dissolve in water

Can any elements dissolve in water?

yes, examples: arsenic, selenium, bromine, mercury, most gaseous elements, many metals in trace amounts, elements that won't dissolve by themselves will dissolve in a water solution of one of their salts (iodine will dissolve in a water solution of potassium iodide).

What happens if solids are soluble in water?

They will dissolve in the water and form a solution. The amount that will dissolve depends on the solubility of the solid and the temperature.

Does chalk and limestone dissolve in water?

No, they do not. Limestone, will however react with an acidic solution such as vinegar and dissolve.

Why is soap solution a better cleansing agent than ordinary water?

Oil and fat will not dissolve in ordinary water, but they will dissolve in soapy water.

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