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How fast does a stock Honda CRF 250R go?

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"my friend has a Honda 250r with alot of after market parts you cant put another aftermarket part on it and it goes 95 to 99 mph they are very junk quads"

"First off, a crf 250r is a motorcycle and not a quad. Second, unless you own one or have personal experience with one, you shouldn't post your opinion. I own a 2004 CRF 250R with stock sprockets and I have had it going 60+ mph. If you put on a smaller rear sprocket, you would go faster. The stock sprocket is a 51 tooth and you can get aftermarket as low as a 48 tooth which would likely increase your top speed by about 8-10 mph. (maybe more)"

But the Trx model is a ATV its called a trx 250r look it up

Read the question, it asks the speed of a stock CRF 250R, which is a motorcycle, it says nothing about a TRX. Good thing you people know how to read.

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How fast is a 2007 crf Honda?

The top speed of the CRF 250r is around 65 mph. The top speed of 2007 CRF 250R is 115-120km/h. The top speed is about 75 mph for a 2004 CRF 250R.

What is the horsepower of a crf 250r?

a stock crf has 35 hp

How many mph can a crf 250r go?


What oil weight is used in a Honda crf 250r?

5wt oil. Use Honda oil.

What is oil capacity of 2006 Honda crf 250r?

2 and a half litres exactly

How fast does a crf 150 go?

my stock crf 150 does 112mph.

How fast is a Honda CRF 100 4 stroke dirt bike?

With stock gearing around 50 mph

How fast does a stock Honda crf 50 go?

well 20-40 but it all depends on the weight of the rider.

How fast is a Honda CRF 70 4 stroke dirt bike?

it goes around 30-37 stock.

How fast is a Honda crf 150r?

about 120mph

How fast can a Honda CRF 70 go?


How fast is a Honda crf 230f?

how fast can a Honda CRF 230 go? Awnser my friend rides one of these and it probably goes 130 km to 140 km

How much horsepower is in a 2007 Honda CRF 250R?

I believe it has around 32hp, the 2008 has 34hp with 18 foot lbs. torque.

How fast will a Honda crf 70r go?


How much oil do you put in when replacing it in your Honda CRF 250R 2004 motocross?

690ml oil and filter, 660ml for just replacing the oil

How much Gear oil do you put in a 2004 Honda CRF 250R?

hi there pal y dont u look in the manual it might help u

How fast is a Honda crf 100cc 2 stroke?

there is no crf 100 two stroke. it would be a four stoke and it has about seven hp.

How fast does a Honda crf 150 go with a 130lb person on it?

1 mph

How fast does a Honda Crf 150f go?

It can go 65 to 70 mph

How fast is a Honda crf 100 4 storke?

It goes faster then your mom

How fast does a 2008 Honda crf 80?

45 to 50 depending on your weight

How fast will a Honda CRF 230 go?

about 100 kph or 60 mph

How fast will a Honda crf150r go?

A CRF 150R wont go more than 60 with stock parts... they have small tires and a short gear box for motocross..

How fast does crf 450 2008?

With stock gearing in the 70-72 mph range.

How fast does a crf 450 go?

a stock honda crf 450 goes around 150-170 nph depending on weight of the rider and the sprocket thats on it