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Light anywhere travels about 186,000 miles in one second. It takes light 8 minutes for sunlight to reach Earth.

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Q: How fast does light go from the sun to earth?
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How fast does the sun go down?

the sun does not go downvthe earth rotates.

How long will it take to go to the sun from earth?

It depends how fast you are going. If travelling at the speed of light you will reach the sun in just over 8 minutes.

How fast does the earth go around the sun?

the earth doesn't move around the sun. the sun moves around earth because at that speed, we would be thrown off of earth.

How long does it take for the speed of light to go from the sun to the earth?

Light, traveling at the speed of light, traverses the space between the sun and the Earth in 81/3 minutes.

How fast does the earths moon go around the sun?

The moon orbits the Earth, which takes one year to go around the Sun.

How does the earth go 150 million km everyday to reach the sun?

the earth does not go to the sun or else we would all be burnt to ashes. it takes about 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach the earth.

How long will it take for light to travel from the sun to the earth if it goes 186000 per second?

It takes light 8 minutes 20 second to go from the Sun to the Earth.

How fast does mars go around the sun?

Mars takes about 1.88 Earth years to rotate around the sun. These Earth years equal to about 687 Earth days.

Why does darkness and daylight occur on earth?

When the earth rotates we go around the Sun and the moon. That means that the reflection of the Sun light and the Moons light makes it light and dark with out this system we wouldn't have what we caal night and day.

If earth orbits the sun how fast will it go?

The average speed of the Earth in its orbit around the sun is about 66,600 miles per hour (107000 kilometers per hour)

How many times does the earth go around the sun year?

The earth goes around the sun 1 time per year. Scientests have been studing the sun and how fast its moving and the sun seems to be speeding up!

Where the sun go at night?

The Sun doesn't go anywhere; it sits there in the middle of the solar system. What is happening is that the Earth is an enormous ball that is turning. The Sun's light is shining on the Earth all the time, and whichever side of Earth is facing the Sun is experiencing "day". As the Earth keeps turning the side that was in the sunlight turns away from the Sun and the Sun appears to go down. But the Earth keeps turning, and soon the Sun "rises" and it is daytime again.

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