How fast does mars move when it orbits the sun?

The planet Mars has an average orbital distance of 227,940,000 KM. The orbits of planets are not precisely circular; they are more elliptical, but the difference in this case is pretty small; the eccentricity of the orbit is only .09, which is the proportional difference between the major and minor axes.

The formula for the circumference of a circle is 2*pi*r, where pi is (approximately!) 3.1412. So the orbital distance traveled is 1,432,010,256 KM.

Mars completes one orbit in 686.98 days, which is 16487.52 hours.

So, 86854.19 KM/hour.

This does not account for the motions of our entire solar system, which orbits the center of the galaxy, or of the proper motion of our galaxy relative to the universe as a whole.