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That depends on the type of radiation and sometimes where it comes from. Electromagnetic radiation (gamma rays, xrays, light rays etc) all travel at the speed of light; 3 x 10^8 m/s , regardless of their source. Beta rays & alpha rays are particles and can have any speed , less then the speed of light. Their speed will depend on their source.

radiation (heat) from the sun also travels at the speed of light


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The speed of light. It IS a form of light.

At the same speed as the wind that is carrying it (if it is airborne). Potentially very fast if its in a hurricane :)

If it is borne by wind blown dust and small particles, then as fast as the wind, potentially. If it is direct radiation like gamma rays, then this travels at the speed of light.

At the speed of light. 186,000 mps or 300,000 kps

alpha radiations travel with different speed depending upon the source they are emitted from

The distance that electromagnetic radiation travels in 10.1 FS is the distance between the two points that it reaches. It can be different depending on how fast it is traveling.Ê

The front that brings it will travel fast and over land, also indirect solar radiation

All types of radiation can travel through space.

UV rays and all forms of radiation travel at the speed of light. Speed of light = 299,792,458 meters/second (source: Wikipedia) extremely fast, faster than alex holman taking a dump!

Beta Radiation can travel through paper. Alpha cannot travel through paper. Gamma Radiation can travel through paper Easily.

How fast does a spaceship travel

Radiation will travel through almost anything if its frequency is high enough.

Yeah, radiation can travel in vacuum and a practical example of it is the radiation of sun coming to earth and traveling through space.

Heat radiation is electromagnetic waves, and those travel best in a vacuum.

Infrared radiation can only travel through empty space or transparent objects

yes, they travel fast.

Radiation can travel through empty space. The radiation in question is electromagnetic waves.

Radiation does not require a medium.

conductors According to the A+ cirriculum it' actually space. Radiation can travel through a space. Jesus loves you!:)

Yes. Light and electromagnetic radiation (like radio waves) can travel in a vacuum. Sound waves, which require air to travel, cannot.

I'm answering this because you guys are wearing me out with "gamma radiation" questions. You know what "gamma radiation" is? It's radiation. So is light. So are X-Rays. How far does it travel in air? How far does light travel in air?

If the radiation is more energetic than the plasma then it can travel through it, but it will impart some of its energy to the plasma.

Yes, they travel some fast!

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