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Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation, physically identical to radio, heat, light, microwave, etc., but with shorter wavelength (higher frequency).

They travel at the 'speed of light': 300 million meters (186 thousand miles) per second.

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Q: How fast does a gamma ray burst travel?
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How fast would a gamma ray burst reach earth?

At the speed of light.

Why black holes form Gamma ray burst?

The black holes from Gamma ray usually burst because of their energetic form.

What is a gamma ray burst?

A gamma ray burst results from an extremely energetic implosion/explosion, as in supernovae or hypernovae events, or the less likely possibility of the combination of 2 neutron stars.

What would happen to earth if it got hit by a gamma-ray burst?

Earth gets hit every day by gamma-ray bursts - from far, far away. Depending on how near the gamma-ray burst is, it may cause some serious damage.

What causes gamma ray burst?

Being the amount of energy it is - very high - it's only nuclear events that can cause a gamma ray burst. Fusion and fission, the merging or breaking of atomic particles, can produce gamma rays.

What is a gamma-ray burst, and how does it happen?

It happens when two gamma rays come from different stars and collide and make a big explosion . A gamma ray burst is when two gamma rays come from different stars and collide and make a big explosion. BOOM

What are the release dates for Mega Disasters - 2006 Gamma Ray Burst 2-3?

Mega Disasters - 2006 Gamma Ray Burst 2-3 was released on: USA: 18 September 2007

Do Gamma ray burst form a black hole?

No, but Hawking radiation does leak out from it.

What if earth were hit by a gamma ray burst?

The earth would be completely destroyed.

What does a gamma ray represent?

A gamma ray represents a high energy photon. It is a biologically hazardous burst of electromagnetic radiation. The French chemist Paul Villard was the person that first discovered the gamma ray in 1900.

What are the similarities between light and gamma rays?

Light ray and gamma ray both travel in a straight line.

How much hotter is a gamma ray burst than the sun?

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