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According to the ideal gas law (which is modified by Van der Walls equation), it depends on the temperature, pressure, and volume of the tap water and the surroundings to determine the amount of time that it takes.

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Which will freeze fastest tap water tap salt water and tap sugared water?

Plain Tap water would freeze fastest.Adding salt or sugar to tap water will cause a depression/decrease in freezing point. Hence it will be harder to freeze the tap salt or sugar water.

What will freeze the fastest sea salt water tap water or sugar water?

i think tap water will freeze the fastest

What would freeze quicker tap water or salt water?

Tap water.

Which freeze faster salt water or tap water?

Pure water freezes faster than water with impurities. If tap water has a lesser concentration of impurities than salt water the tap water will freeze faster. Some municipalities who have petroleum products in the tap water will likely freeze after the salt water.

Why does tap water freeze faster than pepper water?

its because tap water has diffrent liquids in it that make it freeze faster then pepper water.

Why does tap water freeze faster than tap water?

No, it isn't faster, tap water freezes just at the same temperature as tap water

Does pepper water freeze faster than tap?

no tap water freezes quicker.

Does tap or suger water freeze faster?

Tap water will freeze faster because when you add sugar(or any kind of substance) it lowers the freezing point of the water.

Which freezes first salty water or tap water and why?

Tap water will freeze first. Salty water is no longer tap water therefore has a different freezing point from tap water (which is lower than tap water)

Will tap water or bottled water freeze faster?


Will tap water freeze?

yeah, did you ever make ice cubes before? you use tap water.

Which will freeze faster tap water or regular water?

If you mean pure water by regular water, then regular water will freeze faster than tap water. This is because impurities in the tap water can distrupt the crystal formation during freezing and slightly lower the freezing point.

How does salt water freeze faster than tap water?

It doesn't. Tap water freezes faster than salt water.

Will tap water freeze faster than malolo juice?


What will freeze faster 2 percent milk orange juice or tap water?

Tap water because the particles can more easily be free, allowing it to be able to freeze quicker.

Does hot water freeze faster than tap water?

it depends how hot the water is

Which will freeze the faster between salt water sugar water and tap water?

Tap Water because adding substances to the water (salt or sugar) reduce the rate at which water will form ice crystals, making it freeze at a lower temperature.

At what temperature does tap water freeze?

Due to presence of impurities the tap water freezes slightly below Zero Celsius.

Will salt water freeze faster than tap water?

no, but happens reverse.

How long does it take for tap water to freeze?

2 days

What freezes faster purified water or tap water?

Tap water freezes faster than purified water. The impurities in tap water help the water to freeze at a faster rate than purified and natural water.

What is the variable of adding salt to tap water?

it will take longer to freeze

Why does hydrogen peroxide freeze faster than tap water?

It doesn't.

Does Victoria Falls freeze in the winter?

No, the water is moving too fast for it to freeze.

Does Niagara Falls' water freeze in winter?

No,because of how fast the water is going they never freeze.

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