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How fast does the fastest race boat in the world go?

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tonka race is the fastest snail in the world

Thoroughbred horses were bred to be race horses. They are fast indeed, but it doesnt mean they are the fastest.

Tonka Race is the fastest snail in the world.

A g6 is not the fastest car in the world but it can beat many cars in a race so I guess it would be a fast car

Gallimimus was the fastest moving dinosaur it was so fast it could run as fast as a modern race horse could.

A boat race is a competition in which two or more boats compete against each other to travel as fast as possible down a specific course.

Secretariat was the fastest race horse ever.

Bugatti is the fastest car in the world

The fastest althlet in the world is Usain Bolt, his average speed in 200m race during Beijing Olympics was 23.1807 mph (100 m race average speed: 23.085 mph). Previous fastest athlet was 200m race record holder Michael Johnson. See: (Bolt 100m race) (Bolt 200m race )

Mixed-race makes for the fastest growing racial demographic in the world and is increasing rapidly. Most commonly: European/African (Mulatto race); African/East-Asian (Afrasian race); East-Asian/European (Eurasian race).

"A1" is the best most popular race event into this world because they use a most fastest car in the world in this race that's way...

U need only one race the fastest one will still be fastest among 25,so wat is the need of fine races

The Cambridge and oxford boat race is the most famous race

Race horses only have a couple of speeds, fast and faster. During a race the horse uses the fastest gallop he has. Lope, canter or gallop, they are all a three-beat gait.

Because the only way you can deserve to win a race is to be the fastest boat on the water on race day.

Very, very fast like 120 mphs. 120 very funny. His fastest speed was 49mph. His average speed was 38.7 mph. Secretariat was known to run faster as the race progressed.

Auto Club Speedway (aka California Speedway)Holds the closed course world record at a racetrack for fastest lap and fastest raceLap - Gil de Ferran - CART - Marlboro Team Penske - 241.428 in 2000Race - Toyota Indy 400 - 2003 - Avg race speed of 207.151

In Formula One, the fastest race car driver still active is Kimi Raikkonen(35 fastest laps).

The world's fastest man can run up to 40 mph. That as much as a race horse.

The fastest? or the quickest? It makes a difference.

There is no 500 meters race in the world championship. They go from 400 to 800. There is a 5000 meters race though.

Yes, he defeated a cheetah to a race at one time.

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