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How fast is a airplane?

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No airplane goes faster than the speed of sound wich is 1000km per hour due to safety reasons.

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How fast does the airplane fly?


What is the speed of airplane?

very fast

What is a fast airplane?

Anything over 500 mph is considered 'fast'

How fast is the fasts airplane?

the fastest airplane goes 2,014 mph on a good day.

What is the porpose of an Airplane?

To get from place to place fast.

Does airplane fly fast?

Yes, of course!

What is a simile for a plane?

The airplane was as fast as a fox

How fast does an airplane usually go to get from Houston to Dallas?

Depends on the speed of the airplane and the landing delays.

How fast is a crj900 airplane?

550 to 600 mph

How fast can an airplane fly?

I think its 500 mph.

What tells you how fast an airplane goes?

Airspeed Indicator.

What makes a paper airplane go fast?


If an airplane leaves at 500 am from Hawaii and an airplane leaves at 600 am from Alaska which airplane will reach West Virginia faster?

It depends On how fast the planes are going

How fast does a 747 airplane fly?

600 miles an hour

How fast is a airplane going on takeoff?

100-280 kph.

What are ten words that describe airplane?

Fast, Flies, transports

How fast is a Boeing 757 airplane?

530 miles an hour

How fast is the fastest airplane in the world?

how to put on your soccer uniform

What are the idea of an airplane?

To get people and cargo from place to place fast.

Reasons to how the airplane was important in the 20th century?

Well, the airplane is used in wars, which is pretty important... Also, flying on an airplane was a fast way to get somewhere far away.

Which one more faster airplane or fast train?

to me i think an airplane goes faster and it also depends on the amount of distance

Flying time from Montreal to Charlotte?

Call the airline. Is the flight non-stop? What kind of airplane? How fast does the airplane fly?

How fast does an airplane go?

an aeroplane can go between 500-600 mphThe average speed of an airplane is about 500-600 mph

How fast does a passenger airplane fly?

it depends what kind of aircraft you fly

How fast does the Concorde airplane fly?

The Concorde flew at mach 2.02