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200 mph (174 knots, 322 km/h). But could push it to 282.

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The Lancaster's cruise, fully loaded, was about 195 mph. Faster thasn that was possible but used far too much fuel.

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What is the average speed of a Lancaster bomber?

The cruising speed of a Lancaster was 210 mph.

Where is Sherri Cruse from?

California- ( at the throttle of the Golden State!) indeed, a speed girl.

Most common speed of Cessna 172?

120 mph is very common but this depends on many factors; engine, propeller, and atmospheric conditions are a few, but normal cruse flight is from 95 mph to 140 mph depending on the plane.

What is the mpg on the Citation ISP?

Very roughly 2.2 mpg based on specified fuel burn and cruse speed

Normal speed of a car?

the normal speed of a car is 120 Mph

Is wjnd speed SSE of 5-10mph normal or windy?

That is a normal wind speed that usually is daily.

How do you make dsemume 0.9.5 run at normal speed?

Any emulator, like dsemume, will run at less then normal speed.

How fast is a Cessna 182?

Fastest I've had my 182 in cruse flight was a ground speed of 160kts which is about 185MPH. However, I've had it in a slight dive of 180kts which is about 205 MPH

Can light exceed its normal speed?

The speed of light is constant and can not be changed

What is great speed definition?

Great speed is faster than normal.

How fast can tarantulas crawl?

Tarantulas have 3 speeds, normal speed, run away speed, and strike speed. Normal speed is very slow and ponderous. Run away is very fast. And Strike speed is even faster than run away speed.

How fast can a Lancaster bomber?

A fully loaded Lancaster could fly at almost 290 mph, but cruising speed was often less if the target was far away and a heavy fuel and bomb load was carried. The Lancaster could carry almost 24,000 pounds of bombs, compared to the B-17's 17,500 pounds.

Where can you find information about aviation and airplanes in World War 2?

Airplanes fell into a number of catagories based on their function. Fighters Aircraft that were tasked with destroying the enemies aircraft. Later in the war the widespread addition of bombracks expanded their roles and they became fighter-bombers. Examples P51, P47, Me109, Spitfire... Dive Bombers Very popular before the war they were supposed to provide precision tactical bombing. Later replaced by multi-role aircraft.Examples JU87 and U.S. SBD. Tactical Bombers Early in war their were dedicated light bombers. Later most fighter aircraft were set up to do the job. Although the Germans and Russians both developed highly specialised variants of their dive and level bombers that worked in a tank busting role. Medium Bombers Usually two engined bombers that provided heavy tactical support to front line armies. Examples B25, B26, HE111. Heavy Bombers Usually 4 engine bombers whose main mission was to obliterate the enemies infrastructure. Examples Lancaster, B17, B24, B29. Transport Military cargo and civilian transport planes fell into this category. Recon Small single engine spotter planes and two engined high speed Mosquitoes and P-38's were seme of the planes that fulfilled this mission. Early in the war planes were differentiated by narrow roles, torpedo bombers, dive bombers, level bombers etc... Later in the war multi-role aircraft were developed. The Avenger was an aircraft developed for the US Navy that eventually took over the roles of dive, level and torpedo bombing.

How fast can a normal train travel?

A normal train usually travels at a speed of 100mph.

When a river floods would its water flow faster or slower than its normal speed?

When a river floods it water will flow faster then the normal speed.

How the normal speed of the dc motor can be set before varying the flux?

the normal speed of motor can be set by varing field current before using the turn

Can light exceed its normal speed while refracting?

If you mean "normal speed" to be the speed at which light travels in a vacuum, then no. Anything that differs from light moving through a vacuum slows the light down to a certain extent.

What is the average speed of a normal plane?

Normal jet airliners fly at around 550 mph.

What is a gorilla's top speed?

Normal walking speed similar to man , Gorilla is not good runner .

What is the average speed of a Boeing 747 plane?

In cruise flight the normal speed is 0.85 mach. Maximum speed is 0.92 mach

How do cancer cells differ from normal cells?

Cancerous cells speed up growth when normal cells stay the same speed and can't die when the cancerous cells get treated.

How much is the speed of a normal car in km?

Depends in what sense 'normal' being defined. Please rephrase.

When you double your speed in a car how long does it take to stop?

Double the time it takes to stop with normal speed.

What is the speed of cellonics modem?

speed of cellonics modem is 1000 times faster than normal modems

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